The Vapor Room

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The Vapor Room sells all types of vaping equipment. You will find Vision, Joye, Kanger, and other well-known names listed under batteries, starter kits, and cartridges. Here is a Vapor Room review; a report of what they have to offer, which is a decent list for new vapers especially.

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TheVaporRoom.netA Joye eVic starter kits costs $105. That is a standard and acceptable price. Their Joye eGo Starter Kit in a Case, a staff favorite, costs $60. With this, the new vaper receives two cartos and two batteries in his choice of color. The battery is rated 650mAh, but for another $10 you can ask for a 1000mAh option instead.

You also receive a hard shell case, USB charger, car adaptor, and 6mls of juice. This is one of the best starter-kit deals on offer right now, especially with the bottle of e-liquid that you choose.

Kanger eVod, Variable Voltage batteries, eGo C Twist Batteries, and the Joye APV tube can also be located at TVR. Pick up simple items such as mega drip tips, packs of 5 empty cartomizers, and atomizers in all sorts of resistance values.

The Vapor Room juice comes from Ginger’s and is all made in the good old United States of America. Their e-liquid is packaged in 6, 15, and 30ml sizes for $5, $10, and $17. It’s expensive, no doubt about it. A pack of ten 3ml samplers is $25.

Flavors features as much as 3% nicotine and can be ordered with up to two extra flavor shots. Flavors listed included 555, 555 Menthol, and some USA Reds. They have a RY4, Celtic Coffee, and Keoke Coffee. Coconut, Cranberry, and Graham Cracker are present on the menu as well as Cake Batter, Cheesecake, and Peanut Butter Cookie.

At The Vapor Room, if you are not quite sure about a subject such as how to fill a tank or change a coil, visit their tutorial link. A video might have already been posted on the subject.