Vapor Solutions

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Does California’s Vapor Solutions have the answers to your e-cig questions and needs? Try them out in person Monday to Sunday or order from them online and see for yourself. You will probably be happiest with what they offer an advanced vaper confident to pick up an APV or mechanical mod.

vapor-solutions.comProducts on the Lineup

Vapor Solutions carries a number of mod clones and authentic devices. These include K100 and K101 mods for $50 each (the real thing). Their Vapor Solutions Stardust Kit is $60. Try an Evod Twist Starter Kit for $50.

They carry Chi You Clones, the AGA T3 RBA (real, $50), and a Cobra atomizer clone for $15. You can see why names are not that important to some people: you can save a bundle if only high-quality clones are chosen. Vapor Solutions makes it clear when the item you are buying is not the real deal.

Rebuilding your Item

Have your atomizer rebuilt at Vapor Solutions. They will clean your device, change the wick, add a battery wrap, or silver plate it for you for a pre-arranged fee. Bring it by or send it in. Alternatively, Vapor Solutions posts a video on their shopping site showing consumers how to perform some jobs at home and save themselves the hassle and cost of a professional rebuild.

The Juice Connoisseur Club

Adding an element of elegance to this Vapor Solutions review is their Juice Club. Like wine drinkers, you can be a connoisseur for $34.99 each month, and why not?

There are many subtle differences between e-liquids so that one apple is not the same as the next. Some styles reflect green apple, others more particularly Granny Smith, and still others a tart-sweet red apple. Many flavors taste clean from one vendor but artificial from another.
That monthly fee also provides discounts on most products.

Juice on the menu at Vapor Solutions comes from Baked Vapes, Faded Vapes, Kustom, and Mix Master.