Vapor Tek USA

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Vapor Tek USA, located in Aiken in South Carolina, sells products for vapers and vaporizers. Most of their gear is for e-cig users, but if you vaporize take a look at their selection of dry herbs and essential oils, items you run out of before blinking.

Pre-Orders, New Items, Etc

Vapor Tek USA invites customers to pre-order anticipated items such as the Spire: a beautiful new mod. At the other end of the spectrum are Blow Out Deals, a place to locate old stuff that they just want to get rid of.

VaporTekUSA.comVapor Tek USA Review

This website is easy to use, with a sidebar on each side. The left bar shows categories; the right one indicates best-sellers. The home page best-sellers are general items, but the list changes when you enter a specific category.


They like their VV/VW and mechanical mods at Vapor Tek USA, including clones and authentic items. Eh Pro is well represented with their Nzonic, Varavella, Cronus, and the gorgeous Maraxus. Sigelei clones include the Caravella and Bagua (about $25 to $26 before shipping).


You can buy your parts here, with a Sigelei-specific section. Get yourself a MegaTwix Dual Tank for $8.99 in red, yellow, blue, black, and white. Under wick and wire you’re going to find stainless steel mesh, bulk orders of 325+. There weren’t any wicks when I looked.


Pretty batteries, while non-essential, are still lovely to own, especially if you are a woman. Men can have their camo batteries and black boringness, but women enjoy color. Paisley batteries and solid colored eGos are lovely, but go for an LED crystal. This one comes in five patterns (like musical notes, circles, and flowers), each one ending in a large crystal bottom that changes colors to produce what Vapor Tek USA calls a “light show.” They are 650mAh batteries for $18.99.


There are pages of TekQuid in juice, fruit, nut/spice, tobacco, candy, dessert, menthol/mint, and beverage flavors. Theirs are among the lowest priced juices: $4.99 for 15mls and up to 24mg of nicotine. Selections include strawberries and cream, cool mango berry, zebra gum, Butterfinger, and chocolate peanut butter delight. Carolina tobacco and Cohiba cigar provide alternatives to the usual tobacco styles also featured here.

Mix and Match

The site for Vapor Tek USA is a bit of everything mixed together. You won’t find everything you need, but they carry a few starter kits (eGo and Innokin Cool Fire). If you want more, they recommend you visit the store. That’s probably where you will find the widest selection.

Website Fun

On the left side as you scroll down there is a chart featuring flags of the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia and more. Each one shows how many customers come from those countries. A map of the world has dots all over representing these flags in a more visual way.