Vapor Zone

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Vapor Zone is becoming one of the hottest brands in the e-cig marketplace, overtaking some long-standing names and catching up with the rest. At the same time, it is not strictly fair to class them with mini cig manufacturers because that is not all they are interested in. Read this Vapor Zone review and learn about their modern line of electronic devices.

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VaporZone Electronic CigaretteStarter Kits from Vapor Zone

Each item on the list of electronic devices features at the center of a starter kit. Individual items are the Express, Pro, Air, Jet, Pulse, and Rebel. Each one is a little different from the other in form or power.

For example, the Jet is an unusual shape: triangular at the bottom leading to a cylindrical tank. The Pulse is streamlined and futuristic. An Air is extremely small for an eGo e-cig.

All devices come in black, white, or stainless, so you are not playing around with colors and more choices than you know what to do with.

 The Pro does have the option of multiple color replacement batteries and cartomizers:

Vapor Zone Pro Batteries

 Vapor Zone also posts in red the reminder that e-juice is not part of any starter kits.

Vapor Zone Juice

You might not have otherwise noticed right away because you got used to finding e-juice in at least your mini cig starters. Not here. Vapor Zone sells pre-filled and empty cartridges, tanks, and e-liquid separately.

While I love the simplicity of their set up and each device is stunning, I hope that Vapor Zone will start to offer sample bottles of e-liquid in the future. Perhaps they do not yet do this because their juice only comes in 30ml bottles.

The Express

This is what you would call a mini cig or smokeless cigarette; the simplest e-cig device, but in this case a good deal. For $30, you receive two batteries (one high, one standard capacity). A USB charger and AC adaptor are included plus a membership card, useful for obtaining discounts and deals.

VaporZone Express Kit

Be a Pro

A Pro E-cig looks and works like an eGo. $49.95 provides a single 650mAh battery (3.7v), a cartomizer, USB, wall adaptor, and three extra atomizers. I would not add a thing to this setup since 650mAh batteries are long lasting.

Vapor Zone Pro Kit

The Air

For $39.99, you receive just one 350mAh battery, which is the only thing that irks me about this starter kit. Although the price is good, 350mAh could last half a day, probably not a full day. Some light smokers won’t mind. You also receive a cartomizer, the chargers, and a mouthpiece for good hygiene. This one really is a neat unit.

Jetting Off

The Jet is $79.97 and aptly named with the unusual and memorable looks to become a winner. You receive one 650mAh battery, two atomizers in addition to a cartomizer, and your chargers.

Vapor Zone Jet Kit

Taking Vapor Zone’s Pulse

Your $119.99 investment in a Pulse could change your vaping experience for good. Firstly, it comes with three chargers: the USB, AC adaptor, and a circular, wireless device. Not only does it charge your item, but also holds it upright and just looks plain marvelous. Your kit comes with two 750mAh batteries (why two here and not elsewhere with 650mAh devices? Maybe the Pulse could be cheaper with just one battery). Two cartomizers are included. At the base of your Pulse there is a clean, blue LCD screen.

Vapor Zone Pulse Kit

Be a Rebel

A Rebel is one of the sleekest mods on the market. Being telescopic, it accepts two sizes of batteries and can be long or short. Use it with a high or standard capacity battery (each one supplied), and the Dual Head Tank Cartomizer also provided in your kit. You receive a wall adaptor too.

Vapor Zone Rebel Kit

Vapor Zone E-Liquid

I mentioned earlier that you can buy pre-filled cartomizers for the Express along with blanks and e-liquid. You’re going to graduate to blanks as quickly as possible, mostly because of the price, but also because there is more flavor selection. Pre-filled packs cost $14.99 for 5, so they’re among the most expensive cartridge packs around.

Vapor Zone Express Flavors

The five flavors are Very Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Classic Tobacco, Might Menthol, and Chocolate Dream: a shorter list than most because, by contrast, Vapor Zone boasts that they can create more than 30,000 flavors, thanks to their customization options. Whether they have reached this number I do not know, but that is the potential.

Flavors come in categories as usual (they have to when there are so many possible combinations). Most of them are not in combined form: consumers come up with those. Certain flavors (like hazelnut, coffee, and Cheesecake Divine) stand out as good candidates for mixing.

All juices are made with better-than-food-grade ingredients, are GRAS-approved, and blended in an FDA-approved lab. They are Kosher, come with lot numbers, and are diacetyl-free.

Under Tobacco, they have just 6 options including Simply Shisha and American Red. The four Menthol varieties are Mighty Menthol, Fresh Mint, Menthol Ice, and Peppermint Party. Desserts (15 items) include Totally Toffee and My Birthday Cake. Top Blends listed so far are Peaches n’ Cream, Choco-Nana, Key Lime Cheesecake, Watermelon Zest Candy, and others. Fruits are not surprising. Among other flavors are beverages and hazelnut.

To customize a blend, choose up to 3.6% nicotine and 1, 2, or 3 flavors. Thirty milliliters costs $14.99.

Vapor Zone Affiliates

An affiliate at Vapor Zone could earn as much as 25% commission from sales of e-liquid and starter kits. That’s great if conversion rates are also good. Payment is made monthly when affiliates reach a minimum amount.

The Vapor Zone Website

While visiting Vapor Zone, it wasn’t long before a representative dropped me an invitation for live chat. Could they help me in any way? I was impressed with how speedy and attentive they were, and the agent even introduced herself so we could be on first-name terms.

The site is designed so you can get in touch by phone, email, or go to one of their Miami stores for help. Vapor Zone wants to meet its consumers, talk to them, or read what they have to say. They even post reviews they are less than proud of beneath their listings for devices and vapor juices.