By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

That is what they call themselves at VaporBomb: an E Juice Superstore. They back up that claim by offering more than 180 flavors. That’s not including customization options. Select up to three flavors to create your own special variety.

VaporBomb.comCategorizing E Liquid

VaporBomb makes all of their juices fresh when you order them, right there in Akron, Ohio. Headings are Coffee Shop, Floral Shop, Open Bar, Smoke Shop, Soda Fountain, Fruit Basket, Sweets and Treats, Specialty, and Super Concentrated. Some of these are also featured under “flavor of the week” or the “new” category. Here is a VaporBomb review to get you hooked.

Flavor of the Week

When I checked, the weekly flavor was Red Licorice. Not only was it featured, but the price was excellent. Usually, 5mls costs $3.95, but a 30ml bottle of Red Licorice was selling for $10. What a deal.

New Juice

The latest flavors on the list at VaporBomb were fairly unusual. I had seen them a few times, but they are not on every vapor juice mixer’s list. Tequila and Hibiscus, for instance, are difficult to come by. If you have ever seen a Cardamom juice, that would be amazing. Coconut Candy and Strawberries and Cream looked delicious.

Specialty Flavors

The special flavors at VaporBomb include a relaxing item called Hypnotic Mist. That’s all it said so I don’t know what it actually tastes like, but I’m thinking of chamomile. Liquid Amber is described as sweet and sour.

Sweets and Treats

When customers go in search of confection and desserts, they carry expectations with them. They will be satisfied here and then some, with Purple Chiclet, Pecan Roll, Raisin, Maple, and Butter Mint. Cream Cheese is listed as well. I can see that being the base for several custom flavors.

Going Fruity

Under fruits, VaporBomb does not disappoint. Most flavors are standard, with the exceptions of Papaya and Key Lime.

Soda Fountain

Head to the Soda Fountain with your glass (or tank) and fill up on fruit smoothies, Mountain Mist (another word for “dew”), and Pacific Island Punch. The Monster-Type vape mimics a certain energy drink. Remember being a teenager with Cream Soda.

Open Bar

Once you entered your twenties you were introduced to the open bar. VaporBomb’s Open Bar is stocked with Grand Marniet and Brandy. Order a B-52 or Kahlua. Consider adding these to the familiar coffee items at the Coffee Bar.

Floral Bouquet

This category contains spices too; stuff that was not easily categorized elsewhere. Cinnamon is joined by the exotic Ylang Ylang flower, Violet, Rose, Lavender, and Honysuckle.

Smoke Shop

Every vape store carries a handful of tobacco-style e liquids. VaporBomb sells Virginia, Cowboy, and Menthol. They also sell a few exotic varieties such as Oriental 4 and Perique Black.


It is understood by VaporBomb that lots of customers think they can make juice at home for less and that it will still turn out great. That is how a lot of business owners got started, so if you want to give this a try, here is your chance. VaporBomb sells flavorings, unflavored juice, and pipettes.

Custom Juice

As noted above, customize juice by ordering up to three flavors (say cream cheese, maple, and snickerdoodle) with your choice of nicotine strength. This starts at 0, goes up to 4, 8, 12, 18, and 24mg. Select the ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol that you think works best in your tank and your throat. Shipping is free after $59 within the United States.