By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

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Buying e cigs in preference to cigarettes has already saved you money. That’s money you would have spent on the more expensive cancer sticks and lighters or matches and products to help you cut back on your tobacco smoking, as e-cig maintenance is much lower in cost. With VaporFi, you can save money in a variety of other ways if you do the math and plan ahead.

vaporfi.comSave Money with VaporFi: Here’s How

First of all, the easiest way to save a dollar or two is to find promo codes on their website and other online sites. Use those to claim discounts. There goes at least 10% off the first purchase you make.

Home Delivery

Once you buy a Vapor Fi product, whether it’s a Pro, Rebel, Rocket, or an Express, you are going to need e-liquid. Choose the Express and select from five flavors of pre-filled cartomizers and you can expect to get through a package (each containing 5 cartos) in no more than a weekend.

That means you will need roughly 20 each week. Rather than ordering these over and over, arrange for regular auto shipments to be made. You just tell the company what you want and when you want them. They do the rest while the bill is reduced by 10% right away.

As a member of the Home Delivery Program, you also qualify for private sales events: you are a member now. There is no commitment, just lots of savings.

Refer a Friend

If you tell a friend that Vapor Fi is excellent and they buy a device, mentioning your name in the process, you receive a $15 gift certificate to spend on VaporFi products: anything you want. Spend that on a bottle of marshmallow e liquid, buy a package of cartomizers, or put that money towards something else like an accessory or a new e cig.

Rewards Points

Every dollar you spend equates to a reward point. You can collect those by making any purchase and in a variety of other ways. Write a review to receive a point. Share a purchase you made on Facebook for 5 points. Like the company on Facebook for 5 points. Signing up for Home Delivery earns you 25 points. On your birthday, collect 2 points and follow them on Twitter to earn 5 further points. That amounts to 43 points. With 200 points, you get $20 to spend on whatever you want at VaporFi.

Refill Cartridges

Here is some e juice math. Each cartomizer already filled with e liquid contains 1 ml. That equates to 5 ml per package for $14.99. To receive 30 ml of e liquid in this format, you need to spend $89.94. Now see what happens when you refill blank cartomizers for the Express (if you plan to continue using this cigalike).

Each package of 5 blanks costs $7.99 and a bottle of e liquid, 30 ml, is priced $14.99. If you purchased new cartomizers every time you bought 30 ml of e juice, that would cost $22.98 in total. The difference works out to $66.96, perhaps every 3 weeks. That is over $1,000 annually.

VaporFi E Liquid by the Bottle

But if you buy a Pro, Rebel, Air, Rocket, Vox 50, or Pulse e cig you will automatically be using e liquid. Stay with VaporFi liquid for a few reasons. One is that they make their e juice in the US using high-quality products in an approved facility. Second, there are thousands of potential flavor combinations and you get to customize. Thirdly, VaporFi sells their juice at an unbelievably low price of about $0.50 per ml. Right there you are going to save money.

Graduate to Bigger E Cigs

But you will also hold onto some of your hard-earned cash by staying with VaporFi when you grow tired of the Express and its minimal cigalike power. As great as it was for the first six months, you will wish for bigger plumes of vapor and a battery that doesn’t need re-charging after a few hours.

When you move up to a Pro or one of the other devices at VaporFi, this gives you excellent manual power and the option to turn your battery on and off. At the higher levels, such as a Vox 50 or Rocket, adjust the voltage. This enables you to reduce or increase battery drain according to the temperature you want.