By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Some unusual things are happening in the electronic cig world; a place where tastes are subjective and, indeed, unusual. Okay, I am being tactful here as it is not nice to call people crazy because they want to vape dill pickle. I am obviously just inexperienced and limited in my views. That’s all there is to it.

vaporgod.comVaporGod Review and the Flavor Explosion

You might have noticed that a number of companies choose to sell a large quantity of juice styles, but savory items are relatively rare. At VaporGod they want you to enjoy a limitless choice of flavors and they do not judge you. Their e-juice, all USA-made, also reflects some of the tastes Americans like best. They just never “smoked” them before.

A bottle 5ml bottle of juice costs $2.99. That gives you items like Black Sesame, Pizza, Jalapeno, Yam, Worcestershire Sauce, Hickory Smoke, Dill Pickle, and Bacon. Reviews beneath each flavor are honest: all you have to do is look at star ratings.

Out of the savory tastes, Butter-free Popcorn comes out tops. Worcestershire Sauce (say “Wooster”) is not so popular. At least the bottle is small.

Select something from the bakery section like Bittersweet (chocolate), Black Walnut, Pie Crust, Pecan, Praline, or Pumpkin. Try a drink: Earl Grey Tea, Malted Milk, or Vanilla Bourbon to be more precise. Under Fruit they have Boysenberry, Blueberry Candy, Cherry Blossom, and Huckleberry. Yet again I am reminded of how bountiful nature is in providing Americans with juices to vape beyond the prosaic strawberry and raspberry.

Consider blending your own juice — not at a home lab or in your kitchen, but by proxy. VaporGod will mix two at a time for you, with the caution that once you place an order it is done. You cannot change your mind, thinking better of a blend like Jalapeno Hickory.

Each 10ml bottle costs $4.99 and you can see from the items above that certain juices blend together naturally. For example, Pie Crust, Pecan, or Malted Milk would make excellent bases for additional fruits etc. Chocolate could be mixed with any of them. I hear chocolate and chili go well together: what about chocolate and jalapeno?

All juices are made from a blend of USP grade VG and PG, with PG based nicotine and distilled water.

Itemizing at VaporGod

You know right from the start how many of an item (or related item) can be found under its heading. There are 35 cartomizers like the Boge in stainless steel or orange, Boge 2.0 low resistance, and other styles of cartomizer for $6.99 each. Every five-pack comes with 5mls of liquid for no extra cost. That is an exquisite deal. Refillable cartomizers from Smoktech are $7.99 for 5.

Kits and accessories include the typical Joyetech assortment like an eRoll, 510, or eVic. RN4081 kits and parts are available too.

VG carries 24 drip tips starting at $2.99 each, like the 510 flat anodized drip, various shades of metal tips (red, blue, gold, etc), and colored transparent items.

Get yourself a Joyetech atomizer, eGo T Low Resistance (Type A or B) for $4.99. In the interests of easy searching, VG offers a category index besides regular headings, links, and pricing selection. Search for items based on what you can afford. This list is broken down as such: $0 to $24.99; $25 to $49.99; and $50 and above. That’s where I found a lot of hardware, but an eGo shorty cone and eGo style dual coil cartomizers were all located within the first range. It’s shopping made easy.

The Details Tell you Lots

Your introduction to VaporGod might have been when you visited a review site on Youtube. Epic music was playing and you could not forget that easily, so you looked further. That is what good advertising does: it sticks a name and an idea in your head so firmly it feels like it belongs.

Shipping rates are rarely free from e-cig companies so do not feel tempted to criticize VG for their $75 limit on free shipping. That is pretty average, even good compared to a lot of companies. Shopping is secure online using your credit card only (no Paypal).

If you decide to become a friend of VG, shopping from their site whenever you want items sold here, you receive reward points. The way these work is that when you have collected enough they provide enough money to buy more VG items. They do not amount to any real money because the points cannot be cashed in. You can only spend them at VG.

So you are about to celebrate a special birthday: 23, 37, and 41: they’re all special. Who needs an excuse to have a party? To make life easier for friends who realize you already have it all, start a gift registry at VG where they can find out what you really mean when you say they should simply give you a nice card.

Refer your friends to VaporGod. It pays off in the end because this is another way to earn money for e-cig shopping.