Vaporizer USA

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Consumers want the perfect combination of choice without overwhelming selection and only good choices, not shoddy workmanship and fly-by-night brands. Shoppers need a range of prices to choose from and options for at-home vaping and vaping on the road. They like shops where they can be sure of purchasing tested devices made by professionals that are going to last them a while, not burn out in a month.

That’s why they trust the people at Vaporizer USA. This online vendor carries reliable brands and models thousands of consumers have already tried and written reviews about. No product is perfect, but none of these are DIY scams or products that fell off the back of a truck. Coupon Code For 5% Off

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vaporizerusa.netBrands at Vaporizer USA

You already know most of — if not all — the brand names they carry (listed by name and brand logo). These include Storz & Bickel, 7th Floor, Hot Box, Easy Vape, and Vaporite. More names on the list are Arizer, Atmos, e-Go, White Rhino, and Trippy Stix.

Select products according to the brand, model, or format of your device. By this I mean you can go directly to a listing of portable products. Choose from desktop models. Opt for a pen-style vaporizer or type terms into the search box (such as box vaporizers or a particular color) to locate an array of possibilities.

Moreover, once you arrive at a shorter catalogue you will be asked for the type of materials you choose to vape and how much you want to pay. Select an upper and lower limit: perhaps up to $50; maybe over $200. Determine whether you wish to own a multi-purpose machine capable of vaporizing herbs and waxes, herbs waxes and liquids, or waxes and liquids.

There are many available configurations so Vaporizer USA saves you time. Before even browsing you know this is not the full catalogue; it’s not an overwhelming large list. Although primarily a store selling herbal, wax, and essential oil vaporizers they also have e-liquid devices or cross-over products (most notably, items like the Cool Fire by Innokin).

Many Models

Perhaps you dived into the section for portable vaporizers. Here you found the PAX, Haze Vape and Zema Dry Herb are also on offer. Under pens there were Atmos items, the Budy Pen Pro, and Trippy Stix.

Dive into a brand like Vaporite. You will find the Nano for $96.99 (looks like a ham radio), the 6th Element, a Glow for $31.99 (resembling a gumball machine), Glow Pro (more of a vertical candle shape) costing $34.99, the Twins, Mini Digit, and others. From Easy Vape you can select the Deluxe, V2, or V5. The Storz & Bickel Volcano is sold here in Classic and Digital form.

Head to the site marked “mods” where you will find mechanical and electronic e cig mods. Their brands are Innokin, Nemesis, Kamry, Kanger, and Stratus. These pen-style devices can be used with e-liquids but, if the atomizer is chosen correctly, can also vape waxy and essential oils.


Visit Vaporizer USA at the change of seasons, close to holidays and special days, or just follow them on social media. There is a good chance deals and giveaways will be posted; discounts, sales, and prizes. You could win a useful piece of equipment from this shop located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Website Organization

The VUSA site is well planned out for easy use and speedy shopping. Headings along the left side guide viewers to specific equipment: vaporizers, accessories, replacement parts, and more. Along the very bottom are links for wholesale customers, drop ship customers, affiliate marketers, and new vapers.

Use the FAQ section to learn what you need to know about shopping for a vaporizer. VUSA accepts credit cards and Paypal and also shows links to Google Checkout and UpFront. With multiple ways to pay and to contact the store, they emanate openness and accessibility.

Review of Vaporizer USA

Now that you know what I think of their site and have a good idea of what they carry, what do I think of this business overall? One negative stuck out in spite of all these positives, and it’s not something only Vaporizer USA does. They mention a regular retail price below the pictured item, crossed out and followed by their price.

By doing this shoppers are meant to believe that the item in question (take the Snoop Dog Micro G Pen, for example) costs a lot less when you buy it from them. This pen is supposedly priced over $100 but the Grenco Science website lists for only slightly more than VUSA.

That’s not always true. If you visit several other distributors’ sites and also that brand’s home page you see that the regular retail price is set artificially high. I’m sure there are places selling these items at prices above the norm, and maybe sometimes VUSA offers a better price. The gap between the upper and lower figures just isn’t as big as they make it out to be.

Otherwise, I’m impressed with their selection. Pricing is about right. The top items are here: a Magic Flight Launch Box, Vapir N02, and others. They show you which are the top brands and you’ll find the list here corresponds with lists of top-sellers elsewhere too.

Another impressive addition to this list you don’t see everywhere is a selection of e cig mods. VUSA sticks with heavy hitters that are capable of handling multiple jobs. You will appreciate their discernment. Everything they selected has the potential to hit hard.