Vapors Choice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Vapors Choice is a general supplier of all things related to vaping; a well-organized website providing many items mod users are looking for and a few for intermediate customers too. They also sponsor an annual basketball challenge, so Vapors Choice has community spirit. Visit the online site of this Milford Ohio business for drip tips, coil, wire, wick, adapters, mods, and eCigs. Even consider them for 1100, 900, 650, and 480mAh eGo starter kits.

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Buy a mechanical mod by Cigreat: the KK King, a unit as big as it sounds. This $59 package contains two 18650/2600mAh batteries and is telescopic, so it works with an 18350 or 18500 instead if you prefer a smaller device and less power. The output is a warm and powerful 4.2volts.

Buy a Vamo V5 VV/VW with two 900mAh batteries, a case, and a CE4 for the same price and appreciate the lack of pennies and nickels in these prices (which are also fair).

Do you vape in the dark? If so, keep your glowing green drip tip handy. The metal bull, metal cowboy, and derlin or stainless steel swivel drip tip are also there to satisfy.

T2 mouthpieces, cheap and disposable, let you cover your mouthpiece to either protect it when not in use or share a vaping device with friends without catching a cold from them.

E-Liquid: Made in the USA

Four dollars gets you 10mls of USP grade liquid in one of 179 flavors, all made in America. Get your fix of fruit from apricot or banana. Black apple blends apple with berries: power food in vapor form. Cucumber provides a vegetable substitute that works nicely with mint if you enjoy mixing, while Dill Pickle could have the electrolytes you need on a hot day. Okay, I’m kidding: vapor doesn’t have a nutritional value, but you will enjoy the flavor.

A blend of fruit and candy is sort of good for you, like blueberry cotton candy. Almond Joy has nuts in it.

I’d be kidding myself if I really believed vaping was that good for me: it’s just better than smoking. Besides, vaping candy corn, chocolate cake, brownie, or buttered popcorn has to be healthier than eating them.

Black Pearl combines walnut with tobacco. Caramel Cinnamon Tobacco gives tobacco a sweet style. Schweetz Tobacco resembles a sweet cigar. Nicotine ratios start at 6, going up by 2mg at a time to 24, and there is a nicotine-free choice as well.

Customize the ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin to favor throat hit or vapor production. Choose extra flavor strength. Whatever you choose, since these are customized juices, you should let them steep before using juices.