By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Vapure is located in California, where there are 7 shops to be precise. These are in Oceanside, Santee, Murrieta, Mission Valley, Kearny Mesa, Escondido, and Chula Vista. Walk in any day from Monday to Sunday. Talk to the online customer service agent. Work out an online shopping plan. It all works.

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Products are mostly for advanced vapers in search of APVs and mods. You will find names such as Sigelei, Kamry, and others, but these represent the affordable end of advanced vaping. A couple of starter kits cater to new or not-quite new vapers.

Starter Kits

An eGo kit for $47.95 has two mouthpieces, two atty heads, battery, one body, a USB charger, and an AC adaptor. Another version is the M or M Twist by Kanger. The Kanger MT3 provides two 650mAh, 3.7 volt batteries, and more for $65.95.

Modern Mods

Mods can be cheap if you are willing to give up the brand name and risk that your device is well made. As with many things you can buy, a knock-off might be just as good as the authentic product with one or two differences, particularly the serial number, which makes an item rare and valuable. Air holes might be out by a breath, or there could be one fewer of them.

You are also taking a chance. A clone might turn out to be a dud and not backed by the same level of warranty and customer care as the genuine article.

Vapure sells real mods like the Diablo Hybrid ($239.95), Atom Elite ($169.95), and an Atom Telescopic ($30 less). The BioMech Gen 20 costs the same as an Atom Elite, while you pay $20 more for an Ember Mechanical Mod. $154.95 buys a Vanilla Mechanical Mod, but the MISTer Silica Hybrid MM is tagged $239.95. These are limited edition, beasts.

Atomizers for these and other devices are so expensive you could pick up a Smok Magneto for the same price, or maybe even an iTaste SVD. These are the Cyclone, Castle, Nimbus, and Prometheus.

Brand Names

You have heard of Innokin: the iTaste 134, MVP, and SVD. Each one is carried at Vapure for prices between $69.96 and $16.95 plus iClear 30 DCCs.


Though they focus on advanced equipment you can pick up a 510 to eGo adapter for $5. Batteries and wraps for batteries are also available. Of course you can buy a case, even for an eGo starter kit.

The U-Can contain is $16.95. A Vision Aurora Bottom Feed Tank is $22.95. Pay $8.95 each for Smok DCCs.

E-Liquid at Vapure

Here is some more USA-made e-liquid to sink your teeth into (metaphorically speaking). The Vapure team appears to be influenced by television shows like the Flintstones, at least enough to make a Bedrock Blast tasting of pineapple and orange. The Country Tobacco is a mellow offering. Gilligan’s Island returns us to syndicated TV with a tobacco at once floral and tropical.

Lime Drop is a refreshing citrus vape. Merlot should remind you of a fruity, rich, off-dry red wine. At the completely other end of the taste scale is Caramel Apple Pop, while RY80 retains the caramel but replaces apple with rich, sweet, smoky flavors, tobacco, chocolate, and vanilla. A Screamin’ Mimo blends nectarine champagne with Mimosa.

Get ready to make your own vapor liquid thanks to Vapure. It is always nice when a store concedes that not everyone will be pleased by commercial e-liquid and gives consumers the chance to be creative. You might come back with your tail between your legs, but in the meantime, liquid, bottles, and other necessary items are sold here.

Five milliliters of e-liquid made by Vapure costs $3.95, but 240ml bottles are available.

Inexplicably they only provide three nicotine levels. These are zero, 1.1%, and 2.4%. First of all, this leaves out a number of nicotine expectations for individuals who plan to continue with this aspect of their addictions to cigarettes (without the tar or certain death). The next problem is that if someone is planning to drop from the heights of bold tobacco to regular or light, even zero eventually, he wants to slowly progress not jump. That is a good way to pull a muscle.

More about Vapure

Here are some more things you will want to know about Vapure. They are all over social media as they should be. There is no successful e-cig business anymore that isn’t. Visit the online store, though, when you want to get prices for wholesale purchases. Maybe it is time to sell Vapure e-liquids at your vape lounge.

Earn rewards as a customer whether you come from California or North Carolina. That is what makes the internet so great. If you start working with these guys and like them so much that, even when you move away, they’re still the only experts for you, there’s the web. You can shop, earn rewards, and stay in touch.