Velvet Cloud Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

A Velvet Cloud Vapor review amounts to a soft sell; not on purpose, but because the stuff sells itself. These are artisan juices featured in 0 to 24mg/ml nicotine ratios. Flavors are accompanied by unsophisticated yet charming doodles that fit their titles absolutely.

Not only are they artisan liquids but also organic and all-natural. All items are made in micro batches with only vegetable glycerin. There is not a drop of propylene glycol, alcohol, or diacetyl to be found.

VelvetCloudVapor.comWhy So Strict?

The makers of Velvet Cloud Vapor were concerned about the e-liquids available to the people of California when they were just getting started. There was nothing for the discerning vaper who did not want to take the risk of replacing deadly cigarette chemicals with ingredients that could, themselves, prove risky.

Consequently, the only way to rectify this situation was to start a business and get mixing. This situation has been corrected by other mixologists along the way, so these are not the only organic juices around. This means you can compare organic juice to more organic juice, all of it made from American ingredients.

Flavors by Velvet Cloud Vapor (a.k.a. Aria and Julie)

Here is a sample of Velvet Cloud Vapor juices from a decent list (which, as with all artisan e-liquids, is not as seemingly endless as many cheap varieties). Fruit Cup is a medley of strawberry, pear, and honeydew. White Beard Tobacco supplies medium flavor with butterscotch and custard. Sample lemon and raspberry plus notes of watermelon and sweet tea when you vape Summer Sweet (the one accompanied by a big orange sun).

Think for a minute and you know what Strawberry Gwab is (gwab stands for guava). Caramel swirl is nothing more complicated than a creamy caramel, and it does not need to be more complicated either. If you like caramel, that is exactly what you want.

Each 15ml bottle costs $10, and in this case it becomes clear why. With small batches you get superior quality that the makers can vet carefully. Remember to steep a juice if it seems weak at first.

More Details about Velvet Cloud Vapor

If you buy five of these at a time this amounts to $50 and free shipping from San Francisco California to your doorstep. A free sample is also shipped with all orders. That sample could introduce you to the next item on your shopping list.

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