Victory Electronic Cigarettes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Victory E Cig wants everyone who smokes to enjoy life without tar-clogged lungs and stained teeth. They hope smokers everywhere will turn to vaping and avoid an early death. It is possible with electronic cigs to return to an old habit revamped so consumers can go anywhere and “smoke.” They also want consumers to choose Victory electronic cigarettes when they decide to accept a 90-day challenge and give up smoking.

VictoryEcigsVictory E Cig Review

Why would you choose Victory over Blu, Halo, or V2 Cigs? There are several good reasons to at least consider them, including competitive pricing for their starter kits.

You can go big with a Mega pack for $99.99 with two batteries, an AC adaptor, USB charger, and car adaptor plus 15 cartomizers, a lanyard, and a case. You can go small with a Micro Kit containing a battery, 2 cartomizers, and a USB charger.

A Full Kit contains 1 battery, a wall adaptor, USB and car chargers, and 5 cartridges for $29.95 unless you buy the Vanilla one for $26.95. An Express Kit costs $19.99 and comes with the Micro contents plus an AC adaptor.

Cartridges cost $14.99 for five, but there is an auto-shipment discount. Arrange to have cartridges shipped every month, hassle-free, for less.

Victory pre-filled cartridges do not come in an amazing range of flavors, but they have the usual suspects: strawberry, vanilla, tobacco, coffee, chocolate, blueberry, cherry, and menthol. Only the tobacco and menthol varieties are available in various levels of nicotine though.

Accessories at Victory E Cig

You will need a new battery someday, maybe even with a kit if it contains just one. Buy one here for $9.99: a steal when you look at prices for comparable batteries at other e cig websites. A case costs $11.99. A PCC is lacking. Victory could add one to truly compete.

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The website for Victory also shows upcoming events and news about e-cigs. For instance, learn when Victory will be featured at a U.S. vaping show.