Viking Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Reviews about Viking Vapor suggest that this is one of the least expensive places to find high-quality juice. Their prices compare with some of the similarly-priced “cheap” tasting juices, yet there is more to like about Viking Vapor products. All they sell is e-liquid and they put their effort into making the best, right in the USA, using USP food-grade ingredients. Sales are strictly online.

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Viking Vapor makes and sells over 100 flavors. Each one is customized to the client’s preference of nicotine (as high as 36mg), flavor strength (double, if you prefer), throat hit, propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio, and size.

Bottles come in 7.5mls ($2.99), 15mls, and 30mls ($9.95). Add notes to your order if there is something specific you need to add. Juice will arrive in anything from a day or two to a few days since they process orders as received.

Categorizing Products and Information

A section for mixing supplies exists, but with the note that these items are “coming soon.” Stay tuned. Find out where you can legally vape in public with their list of vaping-friendly establishments. Their “about us” section introduces Larry Knudson, owner of this family operation. Although you can click on the entire list of flavors, it would be more efficient to select according to a style like dessert, vanilla, tobacco, etc.

Juice Styles

The Signature series is dedicated to smoked tobacco juices. The Hawaiian one has a mesquite flavor. Experience the smokiness of an apple or cherry tobacco.

Vanilla flavors are apparently very popular at Viking Vapor, so they have created three. They are cola, butternut, and straight vanilla. Desserts like chocolate mint, butterscotch, and various chocolate fruits are yummy too.

There is nothing inspired in the tobacco section: all of the cool ones fall under “Signature” juices. Beverages are much the same as you expect, but items like coffee mint, cherry cordial, and champagne are enjoyable additions. Fruits are also predictable.

Is predictable “good”?

It doesn’t matter if there is nothing new under the vaping sun. All that matters is quality. Reviews by consumers describe flavors, sometimes to their detriment, but generally in their favor. Go offsite for more favorable comments, especially write-ups about fantastic service.