Viper Vape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

You know Viper Vape: they have the white snake on a black background. It’s an effective, memorable logo also available on t-shirts. They sell the essential items vapers use to start, expand, or solidify their vaping satisfaction. Here is a Viper Vape review.

viper-vape.comStarter Kit Selection

Begin with a Newbie starter kit, by which most vapers mean the same thing: a two-part mini cig. The Min Kit comes with a rechargeable battery and three pre-filled cartridges (16mg) of menthol, vanilla, or tobacco e-liquid.

The battery gives you 190mAh. A USB charger (supplied) gives you a newly charged battery in 2 to 4 hours. Batteries can be charged up to 300 times.

Get about 250 puffs from one cartridge and one charged battery. The price is $24.95. That’s not much different from the competition which is odd. Usually, multi-purpose, multi-brand sites undercut the competition significantly.

The $54.99 starter kit is a VPack. Measuring around the size of an iPhone, this case for your e-cigs and cartridges is also a charging pack with an LCD screen. Along with the wall and USB chargers you require, there are two rechargeable batteries and 4 pre-filled cartomizers (vanilla, menthol, or tobacco). The price is comparable to reasonable competitors’ listings, making it a fairly good deal.

Expanded Vaping

Now that you have used mini cigs until analogs are forgotten, flavor takes precedence. The primary function of an e-cig now is to give you good flavor for a long time, which means you need a tank and a longer-life battery. To this end you might buy one of the following sets from the best-known, top-selling manufacturers.

An Aspire kit with the ET-SBDC is $47.99. Try AnyVape: a mini David is $54.99. Go for Innokin, that reliable name in early and advanced models. Their iClear 16 Dual Coil kit costs $44.95 while the Kanger Evod is $45.99.

Solidify your Love of Vaping

Even eGo batteries, with 650 to 1100mAhs of power, pale into insignificance against the variable voltage options of mods. At this point you could try an iTaste VTR for $105, the ZMax V3 Telescopic VV/VW for $79.99, or a Vamo V3 (same price). You are not into the serious stuff yet but are getting close.

The same is true of an Innokin Cool Fire 1 or 2 ($54.99) and the Joyetech Easy Head Mod Kit. Vaping gets hotter and cooler at the same time.

Holding your Juice

The biggest feature of any such kit is its control unit: the power source. A good power source, however, is of little use for more than show without a proper tank. Try the Hypertank Glass Fluid Flask for $17.99 or a Vision V-Fate Vivi Nova (also $17.99). These are glass tanks that can be filled with most types of liquid.

If you do not mind being restricted to non-corrosive vaping materials, buy a clearomizer instead of one of the glassomizers above. There is the CE4, Innokin iClear 16B, and lots more. With a glassomizer, vapes are not too strong for the tank materials.

For the earliest level of vaping Boge provides 5-packs of empty cartomizers. With these the new-ish vaper chooses e-liquid, refills his cartomizer, and continues using a low-power, two-piece unit.


The Smoketech Mod Safety Fuse is here for about $5. You can also buy the UCan from Innokin (about rightat $18.99). Extensive selections of vaping equipment should be stored carefully, perhaps on a big stand for $69.99.

A custom engraved RBA holder contains a rare earth magnet at its base for holding several styles of atomizers. It costs $19.99, is made of Premium Billet Aluminum, and does not come with an atomizer.

E-Liquid at Viper Vape

Liquids by Viper Vape provide up to 2.4% nicotine, cost $7.49 for 10mls (steep), and are made in the United States. Try a Cherry Rancher, Cinnamon Red Hots, Banana Bomb, or an Exotic Tobacco Blend. The list is not so long, but if you like the mouth feel, throat hit, vapor production, and natural taste of a Viper Vape e-liquid, do not settle; customize.

Customized liquids come in 30ml bottles only. Up to 3.6% nicotine is available. Stick with what you know, look for suggestions in color coding, or enact your cunning plan even it if is ill-advised. Juice usually ships in 24 hours or less, but allow almost a week for customized flavors.