Vista Vapors

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

At Vista Vapors, you are encouraged to shop using your favorite method: by price, brand, or item. Search for a product you already have the name for, or browse categories for something suitable, like tanks compatible with your battery/mod threading.

Venture into re-sale buying wholesale quantities of liquid. As this Vista Vapors review demonstrates, they are in the business of customer service, providing 24/7 sales, gift certificates, a rewards program, a mobile app, and secure online shopping.

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VistaVapors.comSome Products at Vista Vapors

Here is just a tiny selection of Vista Vapors products. Buy the Evod twist battery for $23.99. An iTaste 134 goes for $129.99, while an iTaste SVD sells for $74.99. You can buy a single or double Vista kit ($18.99 or $35.99) in simple blister packs, each with a full ecig and a USB.

The Evod tank costs $5.99. A USB charger or wall charger will never be cheaper than $3.49. Neck slings (e-cig necklaces) are available in loads of colors, each for $3.99. Evod wick is priced $2.95. Price tags are excellent.

Juice from Vista Vapors

What you really visited Vista Vapors for is their USDA, food-grade e-liquid: their candy, dessert, drink, fruit, mint, tobacco, and specialty flavors. Choose from over 160 sorts made fresh daily in the United States. Each one is rated onsite with sometimes painful honesty, like the marshmallow liquid which has received an average of 2 stars out of 5 from reviewers. Most of the time, customers write stories with happier endings.

Candy styles, if you are unfamiliar with vapor juice, are things that smell sweet like gum and hard chewy sweets. At Vista Vapors there is bubble gum e-liquid, Juicy Fruit, etc. Schnickers and Skittles are two others at Vista Vapors. Flavors are designed to resemble the real product as closely as possible. Some companies get it right, but it’s up to your taste buds to decide which brands do it best.

Think of dessert at a restaurant or your mother’s traditional recipes but without the heavy feeling after eating and you come up with cheesecake, butter pecan, cinnamon roll, and eggnog.

In the way of drinks, there are some alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties. This is the first time I have seen tequila on a list of vapor liquids, but margarita, cream soda, white wine, cappuccino, and bourbon are frequent listings.

When I visited the fruit section, it was a surprise to find acai berry, but it should not be. Acai is a superfruit after all, and every trend makes its way to e-liquid lists. Cranberry, apricot, plum, and guava are also on the menu.

Menthol/mint offerings are things like Doublemint Gum, Icy Menthol, and Wintergreen. Each is a subtly different style of mint.

Although it seems like vapers disregard tobacco as prosaic considering all of these sweeter notions, that’s not true. There is always a place for the pure flavor and aroma of tobacco without the nose-wrinkling smell of poisons produced by analog cigarettes. Tobacco Drop is a lightly sweet variety. Berrybacco adds berries to the blend. United Tobacco is all-American.

Amid special flavors are some unusual tastes. Vape bacon, butter popcorn, and kettle corn. Nutella is listed, plus waffle (frequently featured on e-liquid sites), and a “mix your own” option.

While pre-made liquids cost $4.99 for 17mls (better than Mt Baker Vapor, but add shipping to come up with the real cost), Mix-your-own vapor costs a bit more: $6.99 for up to 4 flavors blended together. For listed flavors, a bottle of 32mls costs $7.49, add $6 for 52mls, or you can get 102mls for $16.99. The numbers are strange, and it would be nice to see smaller bottles in there too.

What is a DIY or Mix-your-own flavor? What you do is pick out some tastes not otherwise combined, and Vista Vapors blends them into a single bottle. Although they are willing to play along with customer notions of tastiness, they will not take those bottles back for a refund if your eyes were bigger than your stomach. At least your mistakes won’t cost a fortune, and you could invent a wonderful new flavor of vapor juice along the way.

Nicotine values available to customers are 0, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%. To customize juice, add up to 50% flavor boost, or just leave it like it is. Some individuals find that flavor boosts spoil an e-liquid.

Some Reviews of Vista Vapors

Online reviews have indicated the reliability of vapor juice at Vapor Vista. If you like a flavor, the ones they offer should provide a suitable version. Root Beer, Swedish Fish, and Razzleberry came out clear winners amid the selection. Let them steep for a little while to enrich the flavor.

Think of this like opening a bottle of red wine to air, but don’t decant the e-liquid or anything like that. Keep it in a dark place at room temperature before sampling. Aroma should give you an indication of when it is ready, like cookies in the oven.

If you wonder how long vapor juice lasts on your shelf, the difference between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, or have any other questions about vaping (not the meaning of life), a section for frequently-asked-questions anticipates your curiosity.