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By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Vixen Vapors call Pantego Texas their home, where business runs Monday to Saturday. You can always email them on their day off and wait until Monday for a reply. If you do not live in Texas, call, email, or place an online order, but your patronage is welcome in person too.

VixenVapors.comA Vixen Vapors Review

You came to Vixen Vapors looking for e-liquid and possible electronics or at least tanks. You will not be disappointed, although Vixen Vapors is light on hardware. Their focus is the juice and they put a lot of effort into satisfying the fussy taste buds of their client base from around the country.

Starter Kits

Two Joyetech starter packages carried at Vixen Vapors fall under the $60 mark, and that is a very reasonable place to start gaining experience as a vaper. The brand and the price point are ideal. Joyetech is reliable and this is about the money you could expect to spend for the essential parts.

Pass-through Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are a wonderful invention: what would the world do without them? Then there are Pass-through batteries that continue to operate even when they are charging. Joyetech makes an eGo-C 2 Upgrade Pass-through, 1000mAh, sold here for $29.99.

Tanks at Vixen Vapors

Once you have an eGo battery to work with, a lot of clearomizers and tanks are compatible with it, either automatically or with the help of an adapter. It all depends on the thread. You could try the DCT-2 from Smok for $11.99 or a pack of five 510 XL cartos from Smok for $6.99.

A Stardust CE4, 510 threading, costs $12.00 with an adjustable drip tip. The eGo Clearomizer version of this is $14.99. As an e-liquid user it is really important not to fill Stardust and other polycarbonate/plastic tanks with certain e-liquids. Let the experts at your vape shop tell you which ones.

Also, it is possible that your atomizer cannot easily switch between certain flavors without mixing tastes and ruining every subsequent refill.

Instead of throwing atomizers away, here are two pieces of advice:

• Keep separate tanks and atomizers for certain styles of juice
• Buy a Flavor Eraser

This last option is comprised of special cleaning drops costing $5.99 a time. Otherwise, know which flavors are similar: not just fruits, but citrus fruits; desserts, but particularly those with cinnamon or spice versus vanilla. Menthol should never mix with anything you do not want mentholated. Like toothpaste, the taste tends to linger.

Replace atomizers, drip tips, shields, and chargers at Vixen Vapors without skipping a beat. They have carry cases too. What you miss out on in terms of selection you gain in the ability to focus on the most important part of vaping.

Vixen Vapors E-Liquid

Returning to Stardust tanks, Vixen Vapors has set up a category of vapor juice to address the issue of incompatibility. Check out “Incompatible E-Liquid” or even “Organic” juices and either one will tell you which flavors to avoid.

Other categories are Bottoms Up!, Chocolate and Vanilla, Feed Your Sweet Tooth, Feeling Fruity, and Goodies are Good Enough.

You could enjoy a coffee which is “Not your Average Cup of Joe”: the Caramel Hazelnut Macchiato for instance; or a Coffee Ice Cream.

In the Odds and Ends section are the flowers: Honeysuckle, Rose Candy, and Cherry Blossom. Tigers’ Blood is a Best-Seller.

Go to the Goodies for a Windmill Cookie (nutty with molasses), or Cereal Killer (like Cocoa Puffs). Organic flavors include Blueberry Cheesecake, Cake Batter, and Gooseberry. Add those to a plastic tank and it could crack.

Bakery and Cupcakery are distinct as they should be. For example, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake and Strawberry Short Cake are clearly not cupcakes. A light, rich cupcake could be Blueberry Lemon, Colada, or Coconut.

All of the e-liquids at Vixen Vapors cost $3.49 and up for 6mls. Your bottle can contain menthol if you want, extra flavoring, and up to 3.6% nicotine. Choose a ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

A Flavor of the Week is also set aside. Buy a 30ml bottle at an extraordinary price: just $9.99. This week’s flavor was Grapple Melon.

Website Features

When you are searching for something and can’t quite decide if you have found the right thing, don’t you wish there was a guide to similar items? Vixen Vapors offers suggestions of items that are similar or that would go with the product you are looking at.

They also show you what is on sale, such as hardware and e-liquids that are not selling too well at the minute.

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