Volcano Ecigs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Several electronic cigarette companies are now trying to keep their early cigalike customers by offering them progressive styles of electronic cigarettes. This way, instead of outgrowing a company and moving on to tank systems somewhere else, a customer maintains his relationship with a single vaping firm she trusts for fast shipping and accurate order fulfillment. If you like vaping with the Volcano Magma, this could be the way your story unfolds.

Start with the Magma

This Volcano Ecigs review starts, appropriately, with their basic device: the Magma. A starter kit costing $59.99 contains two batteries. Both are automatic, come in white or black, and when you puff them an LED at the end glows red like the embers of a real cigarette.

The set also contains two packages with 5 pre-filled flavor cartridges inside each one. Along with the USB charger and AC adaptor, you receive an M-pack to match your battery color. This is a PCC and looks like a cigarette pack.

Volcano Magma Kit

Volcano offers one of the largest selections of pre-filled cartridges in the industry. Some of them are Menthol, Waikiki Watermelon, Coocoo Coconut, and Vanilla Bean. You get slim pickings when it comes to nicotine values though: 16mg, 8mg, and zero.

It is not the best price on the market for a basic kit, but then most starter kits do not come with a PCC at this price either. As for the issue of only receiving an automatic battery, customers can elect to swap over to manual batteries later to increase their sense of control over vapor production, warmth, and throat hit. In the meantime, an automatic simulates the real smoking experience where there are no buttons to press.

An Inferno You Can Face

The second starter kit in Volcano’s lineup is their Inferno. Here you see what difference a 650mAh battery makes compared to that of a Magma battery. While the Magma system is good for its size, the Inferno ramps up power more than 200% at a minimum.

Your kit is packaged with 2 pass-through batteries. One of them is even more powerful: 900mAh. That kind of power is enough for all day vaping. Fill the 1.8ohm resistance bottom coil tank with liquid by Volcano, unless you stumble upon another brand you like better. For now, stick with their e-liquid to be sure the thickness is appropriate for your tank and none of the ingredients will corrode it.

A USB charger and AC adaptor are included, 15mls of vapor liquid, and all for $69.99. This is an excellent price for this level of vaping, especially since liquid is included. A lot of companies who make their own e-liquid would do well to follow suit. Not only is the price a positive point, but you can get yours in black, red, blue, silver, green, pink, purple, or white.

With a tank unit, you now have the choice of 42 flavors and additional nicotine strength of 24mg per volume. Selections of vapor flavors include a citrus-flavored Surfer Soda, Halawa Guava, and Sweet Tart (like the candies that fizz in your mouth). If you were buying these individually they would cost you $12.99 for 15mls. Volcano has taken a smart marketing approach by adding a bottle to the kit for no extra charge.

Get Ready for a LavaTube

Assembling a LavaTube is much simpler than you would expect for an advanced electronic cigarette. This is a step beyond Version 2.0 which looks the same and is the same diameter and length, but does not feature variable voltage as Version 2.5 does. There are three buttons: a big one plus two smaller buttons at the top. The unit is very user-friendly. The screen showing your voltage and battery level is an easy-to-read blue.

Pay $79.99 to receive a high-drain 1600mAh/18650 battery, a hole to insert your lanyard clip, 510 connection (excellent compatibility threading), and a 7ml tank. Do not expect to really drop 7mls of liquid into the tank. Usually, these figures are overestimates, but even if you only have 5ml capacity, that is wonderful.

All of your gear is placed reverently in a case with cushioning to protect your product. Apart from a Lava red coating over aluminum alloy, select from 9 other colors.

To operate the LavaTube, simply unscrew the battery holder from the device itself. Place a battery inside, screw it together, then add the tank. Threads are polished and smooth for easy turning.

There is a memory chip to set the device to your preferred voltage automatically, making this a high-tech item indeed.

Some Stock Issues

Volcano is a popular brand of electronic cigarette in Hawaii (where the brand comes from), around the United States, and in the UK. For this reason, you could encounter problems with stock. That might cause some frustration and lose the company a few sales. With the competition beckoning, there is little reason to wait for an Inferno, Magma, or LavaTube to come back on sale. Any number of mini cigs, eGo style cigs, and VV models are available elsewhere.

Some Positive Points

You have to love a brand that does not play around with starter kits to the point of distraction. Instead of offering four different kinds with cases and lanyards, you get one for each model in various colors with the absolute necessities included. Anything else you might want later is sold as an accessory.

Almost every encounter with customer service is a positive one as long as people deal with online representatives. In person, there have been a few problems. Kiosks in Hawaii are typically busy, meaning agents are overwhelmed, but you can always pick your time wisely to get to enjoy attentive service.

Accessories from Volcano

As mentioned above, there are extra pieces you will need eventually from atomizers to cartridges; coils to tanks. Atomizers for a Magma Kit cost $7.99 each. Manual batteries are also sold for this kit, costing $11.99 for large ones with more power and $9.99 for ordinary ones. Those are decent prices, which you will realize if you research the price of batteries from other brands.