Volcano Vaporizer

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

In the vaporizer world, there is one device that stands out from the rest. It is commonly referred to as a vaporizer icon: the Volcano. Germans engineered this balloon vaporizer so you can understand why its design is top notch: the Germans always set the bar high. It paved the way for many more vaporizers to come.


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The Volcano VaporizerVolcano Vaporizer Review: Worth the Money

Top class engineering is expensive. Designers and manufacturers don’t knock-up your machine in a garage but a technical facility where attention is paid to every detail. You will pay at least $420 for this Storz and Bickel product, and that’s for the analog system without a valve set. Your top price (directly from Storz and Bickel with the full warranty) is $669 for the Digit Volcano with a full valve set.

If this is too much money but you like the sound of German engineering, the Storz and Bickel Plenty Vaporizer is priced less and is also a wonderful item.

Name Game

The name “Volcano” refers to its shape: like a rising mountain with a crater at the top out of which hot air rises. This piece is a hot air generator with a chamber inside for your materials. Hot air is blown into a balloon fitted over the top. Users remove the balloon and hold the end shut before taking slow drags of their vapor and passing it around if they have company over to vape with.

The Age of Vapor

A Volcano air pump is built for longevity. It should function for years without having to be repaired, but the 3-year warranty on its high-tech heat exchanger will help you out if it shows signs of inconsistency.

Creating Heat, not Fire

Warm your dry materials to 104F or as much as 446F. With the digital device, the value you choose will be achieved to within 1.5F: amazingly accurate. The analog or Classic Volcano is not as accurate, but it’s pretty close. Storz and Bickel refer to their machine as “revolutionary” for a reason.

It’s got the looks, performance, and durability no other model of its kind possesses. Moreover, it will help you continue to enjoy tobacco or aromatic herbs without inhaling a lungful of toxins or creating combustion.

Volcano Vaporizer KitWith Your Kit

Each Volcano hot air generator comes with cleaning tools, screens, a liquid pad, a balloon tube, grinder, air filter set, and an operating manual (for $539 or $669). The cleaning tools are an essential part of using and maintaining the Volcano because, although it remains remarkably clean for a long time, an unclean device will clog up.

This will cause your vapor to smell and taste weird. It could even lead to overheating. Do not neglect your expensive device: you will be glad you were careful and conscientious. Part of keeping it working for many years is taking a little bit of time out of each week to use the cleaning products and changing screens once in a while.

Comparing the Easy Valve with the Solid Valve

There are also two types of valve sets: the easy and the solid. The first is generally associated with a Volcano Digit because, like the Digit, it is the newer version, but you can go either way. Their website posts side-by-side comparisons of these two valve sets and the Digit vs. the Classic.

An Easy valve set comes with 5 disposable balloons compared with 1 balloon tube for the Solid set. An Easy set has a 2-foot balloon but the Solid valve kit comes with 1 to 10 feet of customizable balloon.

The Easy valve balloon has an 8-liter capacity; its counterpart, being customizable, can contain from 4 to 32 liters of vapor. It is less expensive than the newer model, but the Solid valve kit also takes more work to use because there are more parts to deal with.

Volcano Vaporizer DisplayMore Features of the Volcano

A Volcano Digit comes with a large LED screen on the front showing your ideal temperature and how hot the machine actually is using two separate colors. Use the touch buttons to set your temperature and also to set the auto shut-off. Auto shut-off prevents you from walking away and forgetting that a heater is still running in your living room.

Where should you buy a Storz and Bickel Volcano?

First of all, if the product you are looking at does not say “Storz and Bickel,” it might not be a genuine Volcano. Fraudulent products are sold as the real thing and if you have never seen one of these before you could be fooled. The shell might be particularly convincing while the inside is a waste of time.

When you go back to the shop or try to send the “Volcano” back to a vendor for a refund or to claim warranty, you discover there is no warranty. That is because the device was not genuine, or it might have been used and resold.

This problem also occurs when purchases are made from unauthorized dealers. Warranty only applies when an authorized Volcano dealer sells you this vaporizer and accessories to go with it. If someone is selling a machine that resembles the Volcano but costs $300, you aren’t getting the real thing. Several online stores carry the legitimate item.

Comparing the Volcano to Competition

Perhaps it is on the pricy side and that could cause you to look for a cheaper type of vaporizer. Several other excellent tabletop vaporizers are sold by 7th Floor, Arizer, and Vapor Brothers to name a few brands. They have their merits, including the fact that you can buy them more cheaply.

The Volcano is a balloon vaporizer. Forced air takes the work out of vaporizing. For certain consumers this is just a bonus. Some cannot take long puffs and require forced air to help them. If you can handle direct draw then the Silver Surfer is an excellent alternative.

But the look of a Volcano is professional. Build is sturdy. The big LED screen is easy to read. Your vaporizer from Storz and Bickel promises to provide excellent craftsmanship and many years of use.