Volt Electronic Cigarette

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Volt is a Smokeless Image e-cig that is affordable and somewhat popular. It has not managed to catch up to the top brands, but Volt brings decent quality and selection to e-cig consumers.

Starter Kit

Let’s begin this Volt E Cig review with a starter kit for $29.95. The format is simple and familiar. Customers receive one battery, a USB charger, and 5 pre-filled cartridges called filters. Including five instead of two filters makes this better value than many similar kits.

Your choices of flavors include variety boxes, cappuccino, cherry, 555, watermelon, a few other tobacco varieties and desserts, or blanks. A manual battery costs $1 more than an automatic. Choose from several colors (blue, gold, lime, orange, and more) and a number of LED colors such as white, purple, and green.

When you replace them, cartomizers come in five-packs costing $8.95 (the same for blanks). This was the sale price, and an exceptional one, but the usual $10.95 still undercuts most of the competition.

E-Liquid from NicQuid

Ohio’s NicQuid E-Liquid supplies vapor juice. They charge $4.89 for 5mls. A 30ml bottle of Liquid Volt costs $13.95, a much better value than NicQuid or refill cartridges. Go for Freedom, Ice Menthol, Menthol Burst, RY4, 555, and so on.

Volt Batteries and Clearos

Pay $12.95 for a sealed Volt battery or $19.99 for the Volt X2. A Volt Spinner is priced $22.95. All of them work with Volt cartomizers or clearomizers.

The charger for a Spinner is $7.95. Buy a pass-through for $14.95. Wraps change the look of a battery but not its function, and cost $3.99 each. Dollar diamond caps in various colors provide glamour to your vaping. Stealth caps, by contrast (and a quarter of the price), put out the light.

Mini Clearomizers for $2.99 work with all of the batteries. A large clearomizer costs $6.45.

Volt Incentives

If you become a regular Volt customer, you benefit from three styles of batteries, loads of flavors of juice, and a loyalty program. There is also the option to become an affiliate. Affiliates earn 25% commission for sales directly connected to their promotional efforts. Expect monthly payment if your balance is $100 or more. It will be transferred to your Paypal account.

The Smokeless Image site runs some demonstration videos for anyone unsure of how to use their products or e-cigs in general.

Response from staff when I started looking at their webpage was really quick. I was invited to ask questions in real time right away.