West Shores Vapes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

E-liquids are fast becoming an item that showcases taste and personality and more and more smokers understand this and have become pickier because of it. Brands like West Shores Vapes aim to provide a new experience by creating flavors that have unique names and combinations so that customers come back to them time and time again.

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Flavors To Watch Out For

Fairy Floss- now you can enjoy this little twist of a childhood treat which was cotton candy with the addition of ethyl maltol. This is a popular blend with this brand even though its taste is relatively simplistic.

Little Red Riding Hood is a premium blend that is every bit as intriguing as the fairytale it takes its name from. Pomegranate and Raspberry are the flavors that have been used to make it and it is indeed a quality concoction.

West Shore Vapes also has in its catalogue a selection of carrier cases, batteries, clearomizers, and wraps. This brand has a lot to offer and the blends are truly unique for those who are hard to please in the vaping department. Quality is synonymous with the brand so any money spent will definitely be well worth it.