Wet Your Stick

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Wet Your Stick, an ecig and eliquid retailer based in Tempe, AZ, offers a select variety of products. The products are however marked by high quality and are also quite economical.

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Available At Wet Your Stick 

Wet Your Stick offers:

  • 30ML VG based eliquid solutions
  • 30ML PG based eliquid solutions
  • Refill cartridges
  • Joye eRoll ecig
  • Joye 510 Ecig
  • Joye 510-T Ecig
  • Joye eGo ecig
  • Joye eGo T ecig
  • KR808D-1 Ecig
  • DSE801 Ecig
  • Ecig parts and accessories


Wet Your Stick offers an assortment of ecig flavors. From tobacco to menthol, coffee, Cuban cigar and various others, users can easily find a flavor of their choice. All the flavors are marked by distinctness in taste and each flavor bottle (30ml) is available for $15.

Battery Life 

The battery life of your ecig will depend on the ecig you get. However, since Wet Your Stick offers advanced ecig starter kits, users can expect at least 7-9 hours of consistent battery life.

Vapor Volume 

People who like thick and dense vapor and high vapor quantity will love Wet Your Stick- with a strong battery life and premium quality eliquid, Wet Your Stick guarantees a smooth vaping experience with its products.