White Cloud

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Something is clearly different at White Cloud E Cigs where they seem to know what consumers have been lacking from other brands of electronic cigarettes all this time. These key points are going to keep changing since the business is still in its infancy, having only begun about a decade ago.

For now, though, I really like the White Cloud approach. They seem less interested in manipulating clients into buying big starter kits they do not need, and more into selling practical items with a few exceptions located in the accessories department.

A White Cloud Review: Worth a Smile

At White Cloud they are trying to move their entire business to America, but some of it still resides in China. Even though the full move has not been achieved yet, I am impressed with the fact that they are trying to do this and have stated as much.

Making a statement in public means the company is accountable. People are going to ask regularly about their progress and White Cloud will have to answer.

New Product Ideas

The regular vapor produced by e-cigs is tame and even pleasant seen (and smelled) side-by-side with cigarette smoke. Still, maybe a few people got together over some vapor juice and decided it was too much. When vapor production is really good, you would certainly have to think twice about driving and vaping simultaneously.

Invisivapor cartridges reduce the appearance of vapor substantially over Clear Draw vapor, though not to the point of invisibility. Clear Draw cartridges are interesting in their own right as they are built with windows to show how much vapor is left inside.

Invisivapor cartridges (packs of 5) cost less than Clear Draw cartridge packs: $7.95 as opposed to $9.95.

Disposables and Tons of Selection

Here is a frustrating fact: if you want to try a disposable electronic cigarette, most companies only sell tobacco and menthol varieties. Other flavors of disposable pens are known as e-hookahs, many of which only feature very little or no nicotine. Give White Cloud more points just for thinking of people who have decided that if they are going to quit smoking and try vaping, they might as well give some tasty flavors a turn.

A White Cloud disposable is known as a Fling or a Fling Mini. One is under $4, the other less than $6. They are sold individually, but packages of 5 to 100 are cheaper. This last one would be best for a re-seller like a pub landlord or convenience store manager.

Smaller numbers are good for new vapers but also for friends who want to try vaping together and start a quit-smoking competition. Pass them out and cheer each other on.

There is no recycling program at White Cloud. They just ask customers to make use of battery recycling facilities where they exist.

White Cloud Pre-filled Cartridge Flavors

As e-cig cartridge menus go, this is an impressive lineup. You can vape on Bad Apple (which will actually taste good), Cinnamon, or Espresso. Lime Coconut is not only unusual for cartridges but also something I have not seen among e-liquid combinations.

It sounds refreshing. Kick blends cinnamon and honey. Bora Bora brings you closer to the tropics with tropical tobacco. Strawberry will remind you of a summer garden.

Those are a few choices: check them all out, including what consumers have to say about each flavor. You can be thankful that someone has usually tried a product and reviewed it before you came along. Reviews seem honest.

Starter Kits

Disposable electronic cigarettes provide a place to start experimenting with vapor, but consumers are not getting a feel for the whole vaping process until they buy rechargeable batteries, cartridges, and charging devices. With a starter kit, they begin to understand how completely different vaping is from smoking in so many wonderful ways.

Each kit from White Cloud is referred to as a Cirrus (2, 3, or 3X), the number referring to battery size (2 is regular, 3 is long, 3X is extra-long). Rechargeable batteries are more eco-friendly than buying Flings all the time, while vaping is better for air quality and prevents toxic butts from hitting the ground, possibly poisoning water, soil, and animals that try to eat them. As long as you are recycling batteries e-cig starter kits are greener.

White Cloud keeps their prices affordable. The first and most basic starter kit costs $39.95 for 2 batteries, a USB charger, and 5 cartridges. To get a wall adaptor, you need the second Cirrus for $59.95. It also features a squid charger which looks like it sounds: a charger with three cables to charge 3 batteries at once. It’s ingenious.

The other kits are much the same but feature stronger batteries and cost a little more. A Variety starter package contains one of each battery.

Accessories from White Cloud

Ken’s Mystiks Kit is new from White Cloud. Some companies sell batteries in a variety of styles. At White Cloud, they make up for the lack of choice with this selection of skins or jackets that cover batteries so they take on a new appearance whenever you want.

A kit contains four vapor jackets, 10 cartridge jackets, and a case for $19.95. Your case is a caramel color. The four vapor-jacket colors are mahogany (twice), green leaf, and a green and yellow spark pattern. Their appearance is not mystical, but earthy and warm.

White Cloud is big on cases, like animal skin patterns and universal carry cases in solid colors. There is a carry case for your Mini Flings and a single e-cig case, like a short toothbrush holder. There are even two styles of Italian leather carrying cases.

If you have never seen a shotgun tip before don’t feel embarrassed: it’s not a common accessory. White Cloud carries this item which you use to mix vapor flavors. Place two (or three) e-cigs into one end and draw vapor from the other.

They come in double and triple barrel styles, but also singles for softer cartridge tips. Each one is a marbled blue, suggestive of a blue sky filled with wispy white clouds.