Zombie Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Zombie Juice is a U.S based electronic liquid manufacturer that is committed to delivering an exemplary vaping experience to ecig users. Zombie Juice specializes in eliquid and offers no electronic liquid hardware such as electronic cigarettes or parts.

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Users can expect a profound vaping experience with Zombie Juice’s electronic liquid as it is 100% safe to use and is made out of high quality and premium grade ingredients.

When it comes to eliquid, Zombie Juice offers a lot of variety in flavors. Users can pick their choice of flavor from the 14 different flavor categories available including soda pop, milkshake and ice cream, waffles, stickam host flavors, bar and pub flavors, bakery shop and few others. The eliquid can be picked in your choice of nicotine strength (Zombie Juice offers 5 different nicotine blends starting from 0MG and goes up to 24MG). Moreover, Zombie Juice offers the eliquid in 2 sizes including 20ml and 35ml.

Moreover, users can also pick the PG/VG base of their eliquid- the safest blend is 70% PG to 30% VG but it is solely on the users to choose whichever blend they like. To obtain more information regarding the company’s products, flavors and to place orders, users can visit the company’s official website.