317 Vapers

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

James, who smoked for 15 years, became such an avid vaper he started recording reviews on YouTube. Such was his enthusiasm for and knowledge about the industry after some time posting these online reviews that James eventually decided to open his own store, 317 Vapers located in Greenwood, Indiana. Online shopping will be launched soon. For now, here is a look at his selection and prices for some of these items.

317Vapers.comA 317 Vapers Review

Stock is divided neatly on the website into various categories. You can peruse each one according to their individual pages or head to Square Online.

At first I couldn’t figure out what that that heading meant. Then I clicked on the page and discovered a linear catalogue of everything sold at 317 Vapers.

Sensible headings remain, but the format is menu-style. This is a good place to get a general overview of products and to compare prices.

Mods and Rebuildables

James (pictured on the website) carries authentic and cloned mods making his prices accessible to the general vaper, casual collector, and serious enthusiast. He has both authentic and cloned versions of the 4Nine, for example ($189.99 vs. $59.99). In this case, the consumer is presented with an unusual opportunity to compare the two items side by side without flipping back and forth between web pages.

The Dovpo E-Mech and E-LVT are both here, reminding me of boys’ toys: practical and durable but also masculine. He has the IPV 60W box mod for $139.99 and an Innokin iTaste 134 mini, plus the iTaste DRV for $79.99, which is not widely carried. The DRV is Innokin’s response to the needs of customers who vape and drive. A Cool Fire 1 sells for the reasonable price of $44.99.

Most mechanical devices sold at 317 Vapers are clones such as the Novice, Hammer, Chi You, and Maraxus. More examples of authentic mods are the Ember 26650 and Anarchist. As you can see from the example above, prices for clones are roughly one third of the price of genuine, serialized mechanical mods.

317 Vapers has the authentic Russian, Patriot, and Tugboat, but also an Omega clone. A Smoke RSST is generally affordable so you don’t need anyone to clone it.

General E Cigs

Kanger Evod kits cost from $49.99 with 2 batteries: very reasonable. Other Kanger goodies include the Evod BCC, E-Smart Tank, and Aerotank. Aspire Metal Tanks are $14.99. If you are not sure how to use these items, watch some of the vape shop’s how-to videos.

It’s highly appreciated when a vape shop lists brands the public knows about instead of unknowns, generic devices, and cheap stuff that could be garbage. Some things can be cloned safely but not Aspire and Kanger products.

317 vapers drip tipsSelect Drip Tips

Sometimes a drip tip menu is completely functional and, well, boring. At 317 Vapers, offerings aren’t dull; they are interesting, artistic, and worthy of careful consideration.

These tips are also more expensive than the average acrylic or anodized aluminum Ming or vase drip tip, but you won’t mind when friends comment on your elegant collection from Critical Minds, Innovape, Smoke-E Mountain, or Moddish Metal Works.

Quality E-Juice Menu for Discerning Vapers

Your vape equipment might be affordable, but there’s no reason to skimp on e-liquid. 317 Vapers makes 12 flavors of house juice.

They carry 15-ml bottles for the excellent price of $8.99 and three-packs for $22. Only 6, 12, 18, and 24-mg options are available, so if you are weaning off of nicotine completely (or already weaned) you will be out of luck with the house juice.

That leaves several other excellent possibilities like King’s Crown Buckshot, Alpha, Omega, Time Bomb, and Big Willy’s Vanilla Custard. 317 Vapers carries several Halo options such as Kringle’s Curse, Torque 56, Freedom Juice, and Tribeca.

Some Thoughts about 317 Vapers

From what I’ve said above, you can see this company is addressing the needs of real people but also keeps their options open for collectors with money to spend. I love that although their products are not available online you can see all the flavors they sell.

What I want to see is more information about their e-juice. The FDA is going to want to know, and the public should be able to see without asking. We don’t need the exact ratios of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin or flavoring, but enough detail to know if e-liquid is made from USP ingredients in lab conditions or if it is made in a clean room from lesser-quality ingredients.