Alpha Vape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Alpha Vape comes from the makers of Omega Vapors. So if you are familiar with that company you have some idea of customer service and quality. Alpha Vape makes just 7 flavors which are distributed by re-sellers in stores and online; lots of them. There is no shortage of this juice generally, although certain flavors might be missing when you go shopping.

Flavors: Alpha Vape Review

I’ll just list them for a start and see if you had the same question as I did. They are Manchu, Hoops, Heist, Mr. Miyagi, Miss White, Sweet Tooth, and The Dude. Okay: did you start thinking about films too? Mr. Miyagi: wasn’t he from the Karate Kid? Hoops put me in mind of a basketball film called Hoosiers. It was not long before all 7 made me think about movies. Manchu could be any subtitled Asian movie from the 1970s while Clint Eastwood in Western gear might be The Dude in question. As for Heist, my mind went straight to the Italian Job.

Heist E Liquid: What’s the Loot?

Thieves in heist movies set out to steal assorted things: cash, gold bars, diamonds, etc. At Halloween, parents refer to their children’s candy as “loot.” Heist tastes like a candy apple so that must be the loot in question. Apple is tempered with strawberry so that sweetness is not overdone.

Hoops: As in Hula

Hoops could be basketball hoops or hula hoops, even O-shaped cereal. At Alpha Vape you were right the second time. Cream joins honeydew and cantaloupe plus pear to form a combo at once light and dense. It’s smooth and, like peaches and cream, it works.

Melons and cream are unusual. Most vape companies blend melon with bubblegum or cucumber. Often melons stand out on their own. Alpha Vape took a brave but successful step into the unknown.

Miss White

Open a dragon fruit, which is bright pink on the outside, and inside find white fruit specked black with seeds. It tastes like pear and apple combined with kiwi. With a touch of raspberry, Miss White is as tangy, fruity style of juice.

Mr. Miyagi

I can’t get the Karate Kid out of my head and Sensei catching flies with chopsticks. Yet his juice contains papaya and plum, so nothing to do with chopsticks or flies. Consumers say the papaya is strongest while plum might or might not show up. Since plum is so seldom used in the making of e liquid, you might be looking forward to the contrast of deep, dark plum juice with juicy tropical papaya. Perhaps let this one steep for just a bit longer and give it a shake before dripping any into your tank.

Sweet Tooth

I mentioned above that you shouldn’t have trouble finding Alpha Vape online but there is one exception: Sweet Tooth. Frequently, this is the juice best loved by Alpha Vape customers and even above all other vapes. Sweet Tooth is possibly too heavy to be an all day vape, but its name belies the truth: though sweet, Sweet Tooth is not cloyingly so. You will not gag on its sugariness. Vanilla and graham crackers have created a honey-colored juice and a best seller with balance.

The Dude

Peach, pineapple, and mango form a trio that should tour together. Truly, they play off of each other subtly in any recipe: salads, cocktails, smoothies, and vape juice. Mango is lusciously sweet. Pineapple brings tang to the mixture. Peach is juicy and lightly sweet. Each possesses individual characteristics and each one shares similarities so that, combined, they work beautifully. That being said peach is the star.

More Details

It is always hard to find adequate details about a company such as Alpha Vape. Instead of a bona fide website, they provide a Facebook site with pictures, contests, and lots of conversation. Facebook is wonderful, but not categorized the way a website is. Therefore, to locate details (how much propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin were used; are flavorings natural or artificial), you have to scroll and scroll, maybe email the company.

I can tell you that nicotine strengths only go up to 18 mg and throat hit is sacrificed for vapor. Most of these liquids are weak on the throat but strong on vapor so if you run an RDA, this is probably appropriate e liquid.

A 15-ml bottle is $12 or pay $22 for 30 ml. If the juice is made from high quality products then the price is unsurprising. Though high, a lot of top shelf e liquids cost this much. Bottles made from glass always bump the price up a little bit as in this case. Labels show the date a juice was blended so if you are buying from one of their many suppliers and wonder how long liquid has been sitting on a shelf, there is your answer.