Baker White Inc

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The first thing I think of on seeing Baker White E Juice is flavorings and ingredients for baking. A picture of a small clear essence bottle fills my mind: almond, peppermint, or rum. Packaging colors and the name combine to give me a false impression you see. Lots of the flavors are far from baked; breezy would describe them better. Attitudes at Baker White are far from laid-back, however; they take a serious approach to blending vapor juice.

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It is a good thing too because the Food and Drug Administration is coming. They are going to be auditing e juice manufacturers up and down the country, closely scrutinizing practices and setting regulatory standards for existing and new vendors.

Vaping is not about to go away, so the FDA has to look at these things logically. Baker White insists their manufacturing standards are safe, which is a theme running through their website. The lab they make their e liquids in is ISO-certified. A Chemistry PhD, as their adviser, adds clout and legitimacy to their company.

What about Creativity?

Safety is important, but e juice flavors matter too. To that end, this Minnesota business hired a former chef to oversee the culinary side of blending e juices. She knows her end of the job as well as the chemist knows his. While the chemist worries about finding nicotine from the United States, she figures out which flavorings blend nicely with each other.

E Liquid Flavors

The results have pleased a big group of consumers. Their Island Breeze is juicy and tropical. The Ambrosia is creamy and fruity. Citrus Splash will put you in mind of your favorite lemon-lime soft drink. You get the royal treatment from Royal Cherry (chocolate and cherry e liquid).

Moo Juice is an excellent creamy, strawberry flavor. Steeping is recommended. For a high energy drink sans caffeine, there is Voltage. For 6 ml, pay about $4 online, probably a bit more in a brick-and-mortar store (Baker White distributes mostly to shops).

New Line of E Juices

Baker White also went to a lot of trouble to develop a line of vegetable glycerin-dominant e liquids which they have marketed in a mysterious fashion. These are labeled like aged whiskey in burlap bags and canisters accompanied by aged-looking labels and scrolls. Each flavor is numbered, not named, so as consumers discover them, their reviews determine the qualities each upcoming consumer will expect. Perhaps Baker White does not want to influence vapers’ palates with the power of suggestion.

Number 101 is tobacco with fruit. E Juice 103 is anise-flavored. Someone has determined that liquid 105 is fruity, possibly with notes of tobacco. There’s mint and creamy dark chocolate in the 104.

Bottles cost $26.99 for 30 ml making these some of the most expensive e liquids around. Each bottle features a built-in dropper for easy dripping onto an RDA. That’s the best type of atomizer for Baker White Odin E Juice.

Buying Baker White E Juice

Baker White is not a retail company. They sell their goods exclusively to wholesale customers in bulk and in small bottles. Hoosier E Cigs, Ye Olde Vape Shoppe (Allentown, New Jersey), and City Vape (Astoria, New York) are among those who carry their products.

Flavors are not fully described on the Baker White website and that could be for the reason above: too much description overly influences the taste experience. As a result, Jade Kiss is just “cool,” not mentholated, peppermint, spearmint, etc. Their choices for Odin juices are 0, 0.3%, and 0.6% nicotine so the objective here is not to satisfy a nicotine hit but to produce big clouds.

For their regular juices, nicotine climbs a lot higher. Because the company carries bulk nicotine, however, customers are able to add a drop or two and boost throat hit. That will affect flavor, but you know your choices.