Beantown Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Virtually everyone who comes into contact with Beantown Vapor from Boston, MA, has nothing but good things to say about them. Their vaping juices are excellent and they will not sell anything the crew won’t vape. I like this policy.

If you carry 100 juices, that would suggest that you sell flavors indiscriminately. You can be certain that Beantown Vapor products have been tested extensively before they make it to market since that’s the best part of running an e liquid store. Their particularity about e liquid is what restricts them from making even as many as 15 or 20 flavors. Beantown Vapors currently sells just 5 of them, each one unique.

Beantown Vapor flavorsFive Tastes from Beantown

These five flavors are Snozzberry, Banana De Leche, Oh-Face, Pearana, and Woodstock.

Why only five?

It’s that attention to craft mentioned above, but also a desire to blend unique flavors. Furthermore, the makers of Beantown Vapor brew in small batches, like micro breweries. That kind of brewing requires attention to detail.

Snozberry is a melon and blue raspberry-style of e cig vape juice, but vapers will probably have something to say about the flavors they get out of this complex e juice.

Banana De Leche, as the name tells you, tastes like caramelized banana. The bananas are fruity and creamy. Oh-Face blends strawberry with a milk or pastry flavor: users taste strawberry milk or Pop Tarts, but Beantown isn’t saying exactly what they did.

Pearana isn’t too sharp or sweet: it’s just right, and with creamy base it’s like a fruitier version of Banana De Leche. Don’t use it with a plastic tank.

A name like Woodstock could make you wonder: is this a Mary Jane vape? Does it taste like beer? In a sense, yes: Woodstock is a root beer e juice. Taste the cream, vanilla, and caramel you know so well from really good root beer. To get the blend just right, mixologists drank a lot of really good root beer, including some that was micro-brewed locally, just like their e liquid.

That makes 4 fruit flavors and one drink flavor; 4 creamy or milky e juices and one fresher style. Beantown Vapor appears to have eschewed tobacco and menthol long before that was considered trendy.

BeantownVapor.comBeantown Vapor Review

The website for Beantown Vapor doesn’t share a whole lot. They tell you the company was started out of a love for vaping and that their goal is “turn[ing] new people onto it.”

The page is up-to-date, however, and features a lot of very recent reviews. Since they started in 2009, it would be easy to post lots of old reviews and not share dates, but Beantown isn’t cheap like that. Their customers enthuse about authentic, excellent flavors. They have been made to a 30/70 ratio so as to be great for drippers, creating fantastic vapor clouds.

The nicotine values you see on their website vary a lot. If you buy 30 ml, you will not find many 0-mg options: Snozzberry is offered at this value, but that’s it. Otherwise, there are 5 choices from 3 mg to 24 mg. At 120 ml, you get 3 choices: 3, 6, and 12 mg. The cost for 30 ml is $16.99 on their website, $58 for 120 ml.

Buying Beantown from Other Vendors

Beantown Vapor is also carried by several other companies where you can see there have been many responses to their flavors: hundreds in fact. The one that has yielded the most interest is Oh-Face (there are a few strawberry-milk vapes out there but it compares favorably against them). They all get fantastic reviews.

One thing that customers love about Beantown is that they don’t charge high prices: Their 30-ml bottle costs only $5 more than a 15-ml premium California e juice. In spite of that, premium-juice vendors carry Beantown Vapor.

Also from Beantown

The people behind Beantown Vapor found a high-end cotton called Kumo Japanese organic cotton. They decided other people needed to know about it so they carry it for $5.99 on their website.

That’s it for products: five juices and cotton. The only other thing they offer on their website is an “About E Cigs” heading. Since they started when vaping wasn’t well known, they can empathize with consumers who are only now making the switch to e cigs and e liquid.

A must-do if you like Beantown Vapor is a visit to their Facebook page. Here you will find contests and news about Beantown Vapor so you are never left behind whether they are running an event, a giveaway, or introducing a new juice. Visiting Facebook is good for consumers, but this is also a way to show your appreciation for the company. “Like” them and support not only Beantown Vapor, but also vaping in general.

Here’s a review that makes you just want to go out and try their flavors (or it did for me at least hehe), if you like the dessert types: