Black Label E Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

It’s hard to find Black Label E Juice online. The name does it, you see: Black Label. If they had chosen chartreuse, cornflower blue, or sepia I would not have had a problem. Black goes with everything and all bottles of e liquid have labels so your search will keep coming up with black labels for e liquid and other products (including fruit juice), but persevere. Search for e juice, which is the same as e liquid except when you are on a very specific hunt for a particular brand of e-cigarette vaping liquid. Check out Leet too. Here is a Black Label E Juice review.

Featured on Facebook

According to Facebook, Black Label E Juice joined in August of 2013. If that is the date when they started marketing their e juice, the brand is but an infant; only a year old. In that time, Black Label has not done much to boost their profile on Facebook and win viewers or likes. The site makes for short bedtime reading.

Small companies cannot underestimate Facebook, or they do so at their peril. It’s an excellent advertising platform and networking site. I’d love to see the makers of Black Label E Juice make better use of it.

Five Juices

The company only carries 5 styles of e liquid: Cinna Bunny, Custard Dream, Peaches and Dreams, Restriction, and Ribbons. Each one is made with 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol so you know what their priority is: clouds of vapor. The cost for 30 ml is great: only $13, which is less than 50 cents per ml. Many companies charge that for half the volume. Only 3 strengths are available: 0, 0.3%, and 0.6% nicotine.

Cinna Bunny tastes like cinnamon rolls. Custard Cream blends custard with berries. Try Peaches and Creams for a real-peach style with thick cream. Coconut and caramel join forces to become Restriction. Fruit with white chocolate forms ribbons of goodness on the baking tray, but in a vape, they are merely suggestive of the colors of fruit and white chocolate as they marble.

Is there a theme? The list is too small to establish many connections. All of these are dessert vapes. All of them have rich qualities, whether as baked goods, chocolate, cream, or the density of caramel. There are fruits in 3 of the 5 and no tobacco that I can see. With a small number of reviews posted over the internet, you do not have the benefit of someone else’s experience prior to trying these liquids.

Who will be first in line to try Black Label E Juice? I am guessing either Leet customers buying hardware or custard vapers who are trying every style of custard e liquid they can.

Small Business

Black Label E Juice is made by Leet, a company from Huntsville in Alabama, featuring low prices and a small selection. Honest reviews for each product are posted on the site: really, brutally honest reviews, but most of them are good. If you are not fond of Black Label E Juice, Leet also carries 31 flavors of another e liquid brand. Since 5 flavors truly limits you, that could spell great news.

Leet products include hand-painted tanks, standard tanks, and starter kits. Their starter kits are basic items for decent prices. You can reach these guys online, not in person as far as I can see.

Since there is also a Black Label E Liquid, read your search results carefully. If you aren’t on the Leet website, you are probably looking at the wrong thing.