Boondock Vapes

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Have you ever heard of Hammonton in New Jersey? Nope, neither had I; not until I looked up Boondock Vapes. They aren’t really in the boondocks as such, being close to a highway and almost dead-center between Philadelphia and Egg Harbor.

Wharton State Forest is close by on their northeast shoulder, so that could give the place a sense of being removed from civilization. Whatever their geographical situation is, however, Hammonton is certainly on the vaping map, thanks to Boondock Vapes.

BoondockVapes.comWhere Can You Find Boondock Vapes for Sale?

Boondock Vapes products are for sale in Sullivan (Missouri), Franklin (Tennessee), Rolla (Missouri), Auburn (Massachusetts), and Charleston (South Carolina). They are sold in vaping stores in Texas, New Jersey, and more. The company also runs their own shop in Hammonton: The Atty Shack.

That’s a portion of the long list of places you can find Boondock Vapes e juice anyway. You can probably catch them on VapeOn TV or the ECF. Visit their E Juice Apothecary online at the Boondock Vapes website or find them at one of the many reputable suppliers carrying their juices.

Nearly 30 E Liquids to Choose From

There are almost 30 choices here, costing $5.49 for a 6-ml bottle. Choose from 6 to 24 mg of nicotine (no zero option), 7 choices of strength. Their three Jolly Rancher e juices are Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and Sour Apple Jr. Cinna-Custard is their version of a sticky sweet cinnamon bun.

Tranya should remind you of a Star Trek reference and tastes like a blueberry cocktail of some kind. If Strawberry Daiquiri is a reference to anything, it could be a beach holiday or nights spent clubbing before getting married and having kids. Their flavors look to contain some colorant, but that’s not mentioned online. So if you are sensitive to food dye, give them a call or email the company.

Wet Nuts taste like a syrupy blend that is drizzled onto ice cream. Kashmir is a wonderful idea: orange candy, both sweet and tart, and named for the owners’ niece. She is trying to end world hunger, so Boondock Vapes donates $1 from every bottle of Kashmir sold to feed hungry people.

Minty Menthol, Honeysuckle Tobacco, Napalm, and Mullet constitute a nod to consumers who still like something close to the flavors they knew as smokers. Mullet is smooth with notes of apple. Napalm is a strong, spicy vape with a strong throat hit.

Then there is Pizza. What does one say about that except that you have to really want a pizza vape to try it? It stands alone from the other selections.

Choose individual flavors or buy a sample pack of 4 coffee or 4 fruit e juices, 3-ml bottles, for $9.99. Customers love sample packs. A 3-ml bottle is just enough to try and decide whether a flavor is for you without being so much that you waste a lot when an e juice is not to your liking. Also, sample packs bring the price of e juice down: 12 ml for the price of 9 ml or so.

Boondock Vapes Review

So what does the vaping world have to say about Boondock Vapes, thought up and launched in 2011 by Mario and Debra Mastrangelo? They make some pretty good juice. It’s not premium e juice and we do not know anything about the ingredients they choose or where they make the juice. A picture shows their lab: an architecturally unpromising shack. That could be a joke. Or maybe it’s high tech, state-of-the-art on the inside.

This company is very active in the vaping community. They go to events like vape meets and they post links to other vaping communities on their website. The website is otherwise a sparse affair that focuses on e juice. You won’t find hardware here, but that’s what the Atty Shack is for. The Mastrangelos sell e juice and hardware at their store.

Their prices are below average with shipping included, although I would have to see what they sold a 10-ml or 15-ml bottle for. At this point, unless I really wanted one of their other blends, I would stick with the 8 flavors offered as sample flavors just to keep the price down. The price for 6 ml puts the cost at 91 cents per ml. That’s more than premium juices like The Standard and Cosmic Fog, but big volumes are usually cheaper.