By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Welcome to Captivape, where you are sure to find an interesting array of products. They carry juice, drip tips, mods, and RBAs. You will find devices at intermediate to advanced levels and accessories to accompany them. Brands sold at Captivape include names like Youde, Efest, iSmoka, Innokin, and Panasonic: reliable names for e cig staples.

Captivape.comCaptivape Review

The creations referenced in their full title “Captivape Creations” are Captivape’s drip tips. Undoubtedly, by now, you have seen the bunnies and the cobras, mings and pawns, but the Captivape Creations lineup of drip tips is more functional looking, like a collection of pieces you would find in the nuts and bolts section at a hardware store.

Several of them are on sale, so they would cost from $10 upward at full price. Right now there is a $2.50 drip tip and items costing around $20. A BDS60 made of surgical steel is $15. The DS60 for $10 is available in several speckled colors, measures 60 mm, and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The 20-mm wide bore was constructed from 316 Stainless Steel.

Mods and Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Although eGos are absent from the list, the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 offers an affordable entry into advanced e cig opportunities. Pay $55 for this which is at the low end of the scale. A VTR is priced $85. Other items sold here are the Lifestyle Mod by AVP, the Magneto, the K101 Kit, and a Megan Chi You.

The VTR is a variable voltage/wattage device from Innokin with short-circuit protection, reverse battery protection, an ohms meter built in, on/off switch, and 3-digit LED display. Battery warnings include low voltage and overtime. A vent should prevent overheating. This is an eGo/510 compatible unit so several tanks will fit comfortably.

A US-made mod is a thing of beauty. Such is the Lifestyle Mod by AVP for $125. It is made from 303 Stainless Steel with 20 x 1 threading and a recessed magnetic button. There are brass contacts and three tubes to accommodate three battery sizes.

Tanks at Captivape Creations

Clearomizers and tanks you might fit onto the iTaste MVP 2.0 or the VTR include the David, iSmoka BCC mega or mini, a Kanger Evod, or the Kanger MT3. These represent various sizes and styles.

Rebuildable at Captivape Creations

You could buy the Igo-W, Delrin Quasar, Cerberus by Footoon, or Origen V2 (Norbert). When you are picking up an RDA or RBA, don’t forget to stock up on O-rings, Japanese cotton (hailed by mod users), and a mini screwdriver for those tiny heads.


Although Captivape makes a hard-wearing selection of drip tips, their metallic sturdiness is not appealing to everyone. Captivape Creations also carries Ghosted Glass drip tips for $20. Each one is unique. Cases, chargers, tweezers, and more provide a generous selection of accessories you might need for rebuilding, carrying, beautifying, or filling your e cig with juice.

Captivape flavorsE Juice at Captivape Creations

Pay $16 for three 10-ml bottles of e liquid, 0 to 24 mg of nicotine, or buy one 15-ml bottle at a time for $8. This is a great price. Out of 31 flavors, several have “blood” in the title, like the highly-rated Unicorn Blood.

Kraken’s Blood tastes like black licorice and comes in a 70/30 vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio. Banana Coconut is just the right mix of creamy and tropical. Hateraide blends citrus, banana, and vanilla. Try Peary Mantaloupe (not as cheesy as it sounds, just a mixture of pear and cantaloupe).

Pyrus mixes apple and pear into another 70/30 blend. Most flavors are not accompanied by a description of the ratio. A few more are Red Rum (pineapple, coconut, strawberry, cream, and buttery rum), White Grape Juice, and Vanilla Cola.

Website Thoughts

I want to like the website and in most ways I do. Captivape Creations posts excellent photographs of their products and lays everything out neatly, stylishly. Stock levels are difficult to gauge without clicking on every item.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out if an item is in stock or not is to click on it. When a website shows that an item is out of stock when it is first listed without having to look further, that saves a few clicks and some unnecessary excitement.

For Experienced Vapers Only

Selection is weighted in favor of consumers who only use an eGo as their back-up e cig and now rely on their APVs or mods almost exclusively. New vapers might as well not bother unless to explore e juice, but the selection isn’t so incredible that you cannot find equally enjoyable products somewhere that also sells the devices and pieces you want (CE4s, 650-mAh or 900-mAh batteries, and the like). (If you’re new, here’s a list of my favorite cigalikes, which are the e-cigs that resemble an actual cigarette, with nothing complex, just a battery and flavor cartridge).

E Liquid Musings

Without an FAQ section to examine and lacking in sufficient information in the section for e liquids, there is nowhere to look for details about their juices. If you rely on companies to supply kosher e juice, then you are going to have to phone or email. Maybe drop by: they have a shop in Oklahoma City besides offering online sales.

Better Business

When it comes to professionalism, you can’t do better than Captivape Creations. They come across very well and impress customers with their excellent service.