Carpe Diem Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The reason for creating Carpe Diem Vapor was that the owners wanted to create all-day vapes. By that I mean e juice that a vaper can use all day long without it tasting too sweet, too strong, or being too heavy. It would have to be light, yet flavorful. Carpe Diem Vapor is certainly gentle on the palate.

CarpeDiemVapor.comCarpe Diem Vapor Review

All of the juices made and sold by Carpe Diem are light, some even muted. At times they would benefit from being mixed with other flavors by other vendors to give them more body, but that depends on the vaper too. A lot of people have a taste for subtle selections.

The top 5 choices at Carpe Diem are Booberry Creamed Pie, Banana Ride, Puffy Clouds, Slevin, and Push My Pop. They sound rich and intense, but they aren’t.

All of these are featured in a top-five sample pack but pick your own if you prefer. A sample package costs $10 and comes with as much as 1.8% nicotine (there are more nicotine choices when you buy flavors individually but 1.8% is the highest they go).

Flavor Overview

Carpe Diem makes 21 flavors at the moment: that could expand if the makers come up with another variety they consider vapable all day long and which have been thought about carefully. Each juice is mixed in a sterile area where just two people have access to ingredients (the room is locked at all times).

They wear protective clothing and hair coverings to prevent contamination from the outside world while a filtration system removes further particles from the air. Their mixing area is completely separate from shipping and receiving. It’s not an FDA-approved location, but the owners have made a reasonable effort.

E liquids are pre-steeped. That means while some of them could benefit from a little more time (and they tell you so under the description for each juice if that detail is appropriate), they can usually be vaped right away. All liquids are bottled in glass and, at $8.99 each, are affordable in spite of being excellent juices. Other companies charge 50% more.

Carpe Diem flavorsKnow Your Flavors

Booberry Creamed Pie resembles blueberry pie mixed with cream and a crust. Yes, the taste of pie crust can come across in vapor without all those annoying crumbs littering your lap.

Banana Ride is the equivalent of banana pudding, but obviously not heavy the way pudding would usually be.

Slevin blends cinnamon, apples, and ice cream. Again, if you expect the juice to feel dense with cream it won’t be.

Puffy Clouds doesn’t get much of a description. Most people liken it to vaping clouds: that’s really all they can say. That could mean this is similar to a cotton candy, only not as sweet, or perhaps lightly sweetened cream, but you’ll have to try it yourself.

I mentioned the top five and touched on their flavor profiles above. Two others that intrigued me were O’ Face and Float My Boat. O’ Face refers to the face you are supposed to make after you take a puff.

That’s owing to the surprise of tasting Hawaiian Punch, presumably, but I’m not sure that would surprise many people. Almost every juice box you can think of has been emulated by vapologists, but the familiar notes of tropical fruits and sugar will certainly be nostalgic for some vapers.

Float My Boat is a simple blend of root beer and ice cream if you couldn’t tell by the name.

Everything but E Liquid

Here we will look at all the other supplies sold at Carpe Diem. They do not carry electronic gear but offer a small selection of accessories. For instance, you can buy a hand-crafted wooden stand for your eGos costing $39.99. Charms are priced either $9.99 or $13.99. The three listed are a flamingo, Skeleton Key, and Pretty Plump Puffer Fish.

Mesh, wick, and wire are all sold here. You can also buy a few types of drip tips. The Yeti is small and colorful, priced $2.85. Pay $4.35 for a Tri-Color Swirl. The Bullet sells for $6.99.

Final Words about Carpe Diem

After reading about a hundred or more e liquid manufacturers, I like to see companies choosing a few flavors and making sure those are just right. A lot of companies churn out virtually every possible flavor, selling it for a really low price but also producing uncertain quality. Their flavorings taste like medicine. Mixing conditions are clean but not sterile. Products are not layered but simplistic.

Carpe Diem is one of those companies making just a small number of flavors without being ridiculous about it. I don’t like it if I have just 3 or 4 juices to choose from either, but 21 is a decent number.

If you want to buy their liquids, stop by the Carpe Diem website. If you live in Round Rock, Texas, you might already know the fine people responsible for this brand of American e juice.


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