By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

There is good and bad from Cigavette. Consumers will find that certain items are really affordable and impressive. Others are overpriced and give them pause. Get the facts from a Cigavette review.

Cigavette Flavor CartridgesE-liquid from Cigavette

Pre-filled cartomizers at Cigavette contain juice from China. Does this bother you? With Halo and Vapor Zone et al using only American-made liquids, there is no reason to opt for Chinese juice.

While vapers don’t have anything against the Chinese and what they have done for this industry, there is also a movement to keep as much of the money spent on electronic cigarettes and gear in the US as possible.

At the same time, I like the taste of their e-cigs. They have a really nice, simple tobacco flavor, and sometimes flavor trumps everything for someone looking to switch to vaporizer cigarettes.

Using Blank Cartomizers

On the other hand, Cigavette produces blank cartos. If you decide the product is great but you want US juice, there’s your answer: use up the pre-filled cartomizers and do some filling from a bottle of your choice.

Batteries at Cigavette

KR808 batteries are known for their quality and output. With 4.2volts and 280mAh, a Cigavette battery could outlet the rest, but there is also the 180mAh battery in their starter set, so remember which one you are using.

A 4.2volt battery is notable for the amount of vapor it produces. If Cigavette seems to create more than some competitors, that is why.

Reviewers have reported some inconsistency with Premiere batteries, though they notice no problems when using a Cuvana e-cigar.

Pick up a Starter Kit

You pay $29.95 for a one battery, two cartridge kit containing a USB cartridge. Typically, anything below $40 is not enough to provide a second battery. At the same time, $29.95 is a lot more than you should have to pay for this kind of kit. The usual price is around $22, give or take a few dollars, for the same contents.

Starter Pack

Like just about every other company, that starter kit contains either menthol or tobacco cartridges. There are no flavor choices like apple, grape, or chocolate. Actually, if you want flavor selection you have to buy e-hookah pens which are sweet-flavored disposable electronic cigarettes.

Cigavette also sells disposables in menthol and tobacco for a really low price: $6.95. Packages of 20 are priced $109.95 which is excellent, so if you are stocking some at your pub or tavern, this is one way to test your market.

Cigavette Disposable E-Cigs


Using disposable electronic cigarettes is preferred by some vapers over buying a $30 starter kit. If you like the flavor and vapor production then you buy the full kit with an adapter, two batteries, and more cartridges.

Sweeter with E-Hookah

There are just 6 flavors of hookah pens, all of them cocktail flavors. The price for one is $8.95 so you pay a bit more for sweetness.


The price comes down per item a little each time you buy multiples: two for $16.95, three for $24.95, and $39.95 for 6. The big disadvantage is that Cigavette does not offer a rechargeable option. Consumers with a sweet tooth either have to buy one-time e-hookahs or switch brands.

Sets: Starter Kits, but Bigger

The real starter kits, ones with lots of pieces, are the Premier and Ultimate Series sets. A Premiere Standard contains two batteries (one 180mAh, the other 280mAh). There are six cartridges, a USB charger and adapter, and a cost of $59.95. The Premiere Super comes with 11 cartridges, an extra charger for the car, and either a PCC or a case for $79.95. Note that a PCC bought separately is twice the price of a case.

The Ultimate Series works with extra-large batteries and cartomizers, the world’s largest cartomizers actually. When combined this unit still resembles a cigarette but it will be slightly wider and longer. A $99.95 VIP Go Ultra features two 650mAh batteries, 10 cartridges, the chargers, plus a cartridge cover and velvet case. Make those 1300mAh batteries in a VIP GO Mega kit which is otherwise the same as above for $129.95.


To put things in perspective, here is a look at the volume of each set of cartomizers. Five Premiere cartos equal about 125 cigarettes and cost $12.95. The Ultra cartos (five for $15.95) produce the equivalent puffs of 200 cigarettes. Mega cartomizers cost $24.95 for five because they are equal to around 375 cigarettes.

I like the fact that an ex-smoker can still vape on something that feels a little bit like analog cigarettes without having to switch over to eGo pens. These will feel more natural between your fingers. Meanwhile, he enjoys the power of an Inferno or a Triton.

Cuvana e-Cigars

You could fool a lot of people even close up until they see the LED light at the end of your Cuvana e-cigar. This device looks a lot like a real cigar, especially when presented from a classy box containing ten of them. For $29.95 the disposable will last you a long time. Buy ten for $249.95 ($25 each) and save a bundle.


I have tried one of these, and I must say, I think this is about as close to an actual cigar you can get with a vaping device. Pretty good flavor too, not gross and overpowering like some cigars out there.

Accessories from Cigavette

It’s not a bed setup in the accessories department at Cigavette. They have the pieces you need if you choose to continue vaping seriously with mini cigs including $10 batteries (the smallest size) and $13 batteries (280mAh). You can do better from online retailers specializing in e-cig parts and accessories, especially since KR808 batteries are easy to find.

Portable Charging Cases are available in multiple colors: black on black, black and white, and white with blue, orange, or pink.