DIY Flavor Shack

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Everyone seems to be raving about e-liquids in electronic cigarettes, and there are companies that allow you to make your own liquid flavors like Vapor Zone, but this one is a little bit more involved that than.  Read my DIY Flavor Shack review to see what makes this a very unique offer for anyone looking to make their own e-juice.


DIY Flavorshack, as the name suggest is an eliquid shop with tons of eliquids to choose from. What makes them special is their DIY eliquid mixes which allows you to create your own unique blend if you know how to. Most eliquid vendors out there usually allow you to create a blend on the website and their team does the mixing for you before sending it to you. But with DIY Flavorshack, you pick an empty bottle, VG or PG base and one or more flavor mix to create your own unique flavor at home.

In order to produce a flavor at home, you must know how to mix flavors properly using required tools. This can be tricky and is only recommended for advanced users. However, if you are new, DIY Flavorshack has a whole section dedicated to teaching you how to create your own flavor at home.

If you don’t like doing it yourself, DIY Flavorshack has also got their own ready to vape blends available to pick. Each blend comes in a bottle of 6ml and can go up to 1000ml (1 liter) of eliquid. So if you want a particular flavor and want to keep it for a long time, you can get their half liter or full liter bottles.

If you want my fiances advice, “just smoke the cartridges.”  He does this with BullSmoke.