The Drip Club

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Where can you buy juice straight up or purchase a subscription to receive a surprise package of juices monthly? That would be The Drip Club, a company based in Los Angeles. They provide a monthly service whereby customers receive at least 55 ml of e juice, 4 to 6 bottles, for less than $30. That’s about 55 cents per milliliter or less.

Do They Sell Other Stuff?

The Drip Club is almost exclusively an e-juice vendor. You will find a few other items in their catalogue, but they don’t have time to worry about mods and e cigs, and why should they? Their colleagues at vape stores look after that sort of thing. The Drip Club lists hundreds of e-liquids. Isn’t that enough?

What’s So Great about an E-liquid Subscription?

The Drip Club only sells premium e juice. If you hadn’t noticed, a bottle of premium e-juice usually costs around $12 per 15 ml. That works out to 80 cents per milliliter. Some bottles cost more; others are priced lower. Either way, you are getting a great deal without having to sign up for a long-term contract or go to the store for e juice.

Will 55 ml Last Me?

How long those bottles last depends on how much you vape and whether or not you share. Also, if you receive any bottles you do not like, that could increase the cost. But there is a way around that besides selling bottles to unsuspecting colleagues and people you don’t like (we’ll get to the secret in a minute). You will probably use around 2 ml of e juice a day or more, so 55 ml might make it to the end of the month but you might also need to pick up one more bottle along the way.

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How does this system work?

You will see that The Drip Club offers three subscription classes; 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month arrangements. Your monthly fee is reduced if you opt for a longer subscription period, so 55 cents drops to a maximum of 51 cents per milliliter on the basis of six months at $27.99.

The way to get around buying juice you do not like is to customize your order. The Drip Club asks questions so you don’t wind up with a lot of flavors that do not match your profile, although there will be a few surprises.

For instance, the lineup they carry right now includes 121 fruit, 33 candy/sweets, 33 dessert vapes, 32 baked goods, 20 drinks/cocktails, 6 menthol, and 16 tobacco e juices. Specify what sorts of liquids you like and that narrows down the field.

If you had to leave it up to them, The Drip Club would try a bit of this and a bit of that and you would wind up liking just half the box. With their selection process, it’s much harder to go wrong. Customers even wind up finding new all-day-vapes.

Let the company know your nicotine preference: 0, 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg, or 12 mg. Right off the bat you will not receive e-liquids that are too strong or too weak for your taste. If you gave up nicotine, The Drip Club will not wreck your detox plan. Someone who loves dessert vapes but dislikes menthol will always be sure of receiving dessert-style e juice. The fruit lovers out there are spoiled for choice.

The system is excellent. You will still receive the occasional bottle of useless juice, some mixture of flavors you don’t care for, not even after it steeps your mix in with something better. Your tobacco vape might be too sweet or harsh. A fruit e-liquid blends produce you would not have bought. But the surprise-box method is still an excellent, exciting, and fun way to buy e-juice and discover new flavors or brands you had not tried before.

Actually, a lot of the juices featured here are not available from other e-commerce vendors or are only sold by The Drip Club. You have probably heard of some of these, but the company has made a conscious decision only to carry quality products. Thanks to the e-liquid boom, especially in California, there are always new names and brands coming out.

Chance to Win

Earn points by purchasing juice and spend them in the shop. Check into The Drip Club’s Facebook and Instagram pages to find out about competitions the company runs. You should always follow a company you like on social media. This is usually where the most current information is posted and opportunities to win prizes or join in polls or conversations. The Drip Club runs a blog on their website called the “Daily Drip.” Unfortunately, “daily” is overstating things (the blog was 4 months old when I checked in.) You’re better off on Facebook with the many photos and comments posted there.

Shop with The Drip Club

Although the primary goal of The Drip Club is to sign people up for monthly boxes which allows them to shift all of the juices they end up carrying in their warehouse (including some less popular ones which might have been dumped otherwise), the company sells bottles of juice individually as well.

Check out the categories mentioned above: nicotine values and flavors. Additionally, The Drip Club lists companies. You could buy Propoganda juice, flavors by Mitsu, Drip Society E-Liquid, Blue Elixir, Potion Vape, 4 Seasonz Elixirs, Trabuco Vapors, Vape Craving, or Crypto Juiceology. That is just a sample: there are loads of names, all premium products, and many mixed and bottled by companies based in California.

One other category is bottle size. You can select 10-ml, 12-ml, or 20-ml bottles, but the most common bottle size is 15 ml and most of these products are bottled in glass. The Drip Club also carries Wick and Wire Stash Cases 2.0 in six possible colors or patterns. Order online: there does not appear to be a store. If you like the program they run, allow them to auto-renew it for you. If you don’t, that’s no problem. Cancel without penalty. There could not be a simpler way to discover excellent e-liquids made in the United States.