E-Cig Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

If you’re looking to take the next step with electronic smoking, finding the best tasting e-cig juice to suit your preferences is a must! If you move to a pen vaporizer or eGo battery, you’ll then be refilling your own tank with your favorite e-liquid.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of e-cig brands and vape shops who now offer different flavors.

I have a couple recommendations if you’re starting off blind.

For one, I’ve created this chart with my favorite brand when it comes to more advanced devices, tanks and the like, check them out:



There are a couple more that I enjoy also, as usually we need to try a couple to find the perfect product, as we all have different taste.

V2 has a nice line of vapor juices, mostly a simple line up, as opposed to Vapor Zone who has a reported 30,000 possible blends with their customizable flavors.

V2 has some cool stuff for refilling your own e-juice, such as mini tanks, see through cartridges, annd they have just released the Pro Series 3 Vaporizer, which is an awesome device!

Between these two, you’re going to find something you like, and they are two very high quality companies, both whom I highly recommend!


What You Should Know About E Liquid

What is e liquid and why is it controversial? Is it the liquid itself that causes so much disagreement or the method of creation? How can you know for sure that e cig juice is safe? The answers are not yet clear: scientists and government bodies are conducting studies and trying to regulate the industry so as to protect consumers from what is, essentially, an unknown quantity.

E Liquid Composition

For the time being, all consumers can do is investigate their options, including the ingredients used to make e liquid. A number of companies use alcohol-based flavorings. Some add coloring to their liquids. Most brands use natural and artificial flavorings to make juices taste and smell like baked goods, fruits, and drinks.

The primary ingredients combined to create vapor juice are nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring. If you opt to vape propylene glycol-free and nicotine-free e liquid, your juice probably contains a bit of water, so there are always three or more ingredients in your juice.

Only a handful of companies make vegetable glycerin-only e liquids. Even fewer firms buy strictly natural flavorings, and if those are organic you can shorten the list even more.

Vegetable glycerin is the ingredient needed for making plumes of vapor, but it’s thick — so thick that many atomizers would clog up quickly and overheat if liquids contained only VG. For that reason, water or PG is added. Propylene glycol gives vapor the throat hit that many ex-smokers are looking for to properly mimic the sensation of smoking.

It’s not just ingredients that have individuals feeling concerned: artificial colors, flavors, and propylene glycol (some people are allergic to it).

E Liquid Facilities

Where and how ingredients are blended is another issue. If a brand is mixed and bottled by hand, there is a lot of room for human error to creep in and contaminate a batch. Whatever hygiene courses and certifications you have under your belt, there is no way to completely remove the possibility of contamination simply because you can’t stop breathing.

Companies that use sterile facilities are always preferable over back rooms and kitchens. Companies operating in factory conditions using machine-mixing and machine-bottling methods are preferred by the FDA. These facilities are considered cleaner. They also ensure that bottling is consistent: a new batch of the flavor you received last month will taste exactly the same today because it was made using identical ratios of flavors.

This takes away the hand-made, personal nature of blending e cig liquid; a feature many consumers appreciate. It also requires a big outlay from e cigarette juice makers.

The real test will not come from the FDA but from customers making a statement with their pocket books. Right now there appears to be room for everyone to play nicely, but it might be that hand-made juices will be pushed off the playground or driven underground.

Customer Control

Mixologists have the final say when blending e liquid, or do they? A number of companies invite their customers to create blends. Clients choose 3 or 4 flavors, add sweetener, menthol, etc., and get the chance to vape something unique.