Empire Vape

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

There are loads of comments about Empire Vape on the internet. You only have to see a few of these to realize this is a quality outfit; one you can trust with your money and with your vaping virginity. Empire Vape is located in Norco, California. Learn more about the company and what they sell in this Empire Vape Review.

EmpireVape.comBrick and Mortar Only

If you see the abbreviation “B&M” and wonder what that means, those two letters refer to brick and mortar stores: real shops, not online vendors. Empire Vape only sells goods in person, but they do host a website.

That website is useful as a reference, listing some of the products they carry. It also features a blog-style article about the company.

Although real-store hours are not as convenient as online ones (that is, not 24 hours), Empire Vape has set up excellent hours to accommodate people in all lines of work.

You could be an emergency room nurse coming off of a late night shift at 11:30pm and still walk into Empire Vape on a Friday or Saturday night. An overnight shift-worker looking for e juice at 10am will find a place to put his feet up.

Any ordinary guy seeking e juice after work at 5pm can do the same. They open Monday to Sunday from 10am, until 10pm Monday to Thursday, until midnight Friday and Saturday, with relatively early closing (8pm) on Sundays.

Brands at Empire Vape

You can only know the full stock lineup at Empire Vape by stepping inside their store, but some hardware selections come from Joye, Smok, Smoke-E Mountain, and various makers of mechanical mods or PVs. They have drip tips by Renegade and Trinity. High-end products come and go owing to the limited nature of their production.

The biggest lineup is juices: The Collection, Buckshot, and Epic. Empire Vape has Adam Bomb, Mastermind, Midas, and Classified. That’s a menu which could change too. So far there are more than 90 flavors to choose from.

Products you Might Find

You could find a Universe 26650 Atomizer Drip Tip, the VREX by Smok-E Mountain, or a Paragon V2 Carbon Fiber Limited Edition Midnight Mod. The eVic is carried here and Patriot RDAs. Pictures from customers show a variety of items from intermediate to advanced models.

What Customers Say

Comments about Empire Vape range from business-like statements to enthusiastic promotion. Images show a light, clean-looking area resembling a nail spa. The floors are made of wood. A big plant sits next to leather sofas and a water station. Lighting is modest, not club-style, though that might change at night. The tasting bar is reasonably long although the store is small.

Customers really appreciate the patience of staff, especially when they come in not having touched a vaping device before. They leave feeling more confident in the possibility of stamping out cigarettes and confident about shopping here long-term.

Employees do not pressure clients to purchase more expensive gear like the $200 mods mentioned above. They are helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. All of these qualities have helped them to create a considerable group of return customers.

From images online this doesn’t look like your usual too-trendy bar where a minimum number of tattoos are requisite. Anyone over 18 is welcome to try their juice, watch TV, relax, and walk away with a small or large purchase feeling appreciated by the company for their patronage either way.