By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Is Eversmoke among the top brands of electronic cigarettes? Some reviewers are claiming as much. Eversmoke is a product from the makers of Vapor Zone and South Beach Smoke. Everything the International Vapor Group (IGA) touches seems to turn to gold. But why three brands? And how are they different? An Eversmoke review revealed that one of the biggest differences between them all is the shopping format.

Eversmoke e cigaretteShopping in Bulk

Just about any commodity is available in bulk amounts, at least if it is factory-manufactured in huge numbers. A big advantage of bulk purchasing is that the consumer’s cost is greatly reduced per unit.

Customers are encouraged to adopt this policy at Eversmoke and to prepare for the future. It’s a feature at South Beach Smoke, but really prominent here.

Eversmoke sells replacement batteries, both standard and high capacity, in sets of three. For $49.99, you can own a set in either size. They come in cigarette paper white, stainless steel, or black. Individual standard batteries cost $19.95 each and high-capacity batteries cost $22.95 individually.

Disposable e-cigs are sold in packages of 5 or more. Spend $14.99 for five of them, and the cost works out to $3 each. That is unheard of.

Replacement cartridges are packaged in groups too: three kits of 5 each for $39.99 ($13.33 per package), but also 30 or 45 cartridges at one time for even less per package. A monthly refill arrangement brings the cost down too.

Advantage or Disadvantage

As you can see, it is cheaper to buy batteries in sets of three according to pricing standards at Eversmoke. The cost of cartridges does not work out to anything fantastic when ordering 3 packs at a time, but disposables are a wonderful bargain.

But what if you only want one pack of refills or one disposable e-cig? Hard as it is to imagine such a scenario, customers want one thing above all: choice. They dislike it when the choice to pay more for single items is removed, even when the bulk format addresses the greater good.

Eversmoke Portable Charging CaseOverall Pricing

Otherwise, pricing at Eversmoke is sometimes good, sometimes not so good. $49.99 for a portable charging case is standard for brand-name models, but certain companies are making them for less. General e-cig firms selling universally compatible goods definitely manage to sell their PCCs for less.

Paying $9.99 for a single USB charger isn’t terrible for top-name products, but a tag of $5 is easy to find too. Just selling a power cig is a good move, and $14.99 is a decent price.

Ordinary Flavor Selections

Choices of refill cartridges include disappointingly standard flavors. You’ve got Pina Colada, Peach Passion, Very Vanilla, some tobacco options, a menthol, peppermint, cherry, and coffee.

Several Starter Kits

There are 5 starter kits to choose from, one of which is a couples’ kit. Do not discount this as a foolish gimmick: some consumers buy it because they pay less per unit when they purchase two kits in one than if they bought the single kit. It’s that bulk pricing rule at work all over again.

Eversmoke kit

The lowest-priced kit costs $29.99. A USB charger, two filters, and one battery do not have to cost nearly $30. Look to a range of other companies, many other brands, which sell theirs for $25 or less; even as little as $15. It’s not as though Eversmoke offers free shipping; at least not until you hit $100 in orders.

The next kit, a Basic, costs $49.99 and contains two batteries, the charging kit, and five filters. Add $30 to receive a Pro Kit with a power cig and ten cartridges. For $149.99, your package contains 15 cartridges, a carry case, an extra battery, and standard items featured in the other kits.

Eversmoke carrying case