Freakshow Curious Elixirs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

As a few consumers have stated, bottles of Freakshow Curious Elixirs are almost as coveted for their labels as for their juice. The designers of these labels have excelled at creating memorable images which stand appropriately for the brand name; something that cannot be said for some many obscure label choices. The name might not make any sense, but at least the makers of these three e juices stick with a theme. Labels represent three scenes from circus freak shows. Their names act as descriptions of what you are seeing if you were not entirely sure.

Freakshow Curious Elixirs Review

Only three flavors grace the Freakshow Curious Elixirs lineup thus far: Fire Eater, Bed of Nails, and The Bearded Lady. Each one is made of a 40/60 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio: high in VG for exceptional clouds. A bottle of Freakshow Curious Elixirs could cost as much as $13 for a 15-ml glass bottle. I suggest you are paying extra for the label, but don’t let that suggest the juice has no merit of its own. I simply want to point out that e juice was already expensive at $12 for 15 ml, with or without a collectible bottle.

Fire Eater

This is a spicy vape, yet warm cinnamon is balanced by the cooling sensation of a menthol element. Customers liken it to Big Red gum. A few people who reviewed this juice feared this would be a terribly spicy vape and were relieved to discover that, while flavorful and intense, it was not so intense as to require icy relief.

Bed of Nails

Butter pecan ice cream is the basis for this unique vapor juice. Butter and pecans are strong on the inhale; creamy vanilla on a later note. This is a sweet e juice with a touch of maple in this wonderful, unusual mixture customers universally rave about. I don’t know why one would need to practice leaving one’s physical body so as not to feel pain when vaping butter pecan ice cream, but the name is memorable.

Bearded Lady

Pineapple is not an unusual flavor among e juice craftsmen, but pineapple upside-down cake is uncommon. Usually, pineapple forms part of a fruity team or a tropical drink, not a baked product. Bearded Lady tastes authentically like cooked, lightly caramelized pineapple and sugar with the weighty delivery of a cake.


All of these juices are credited with presenting authentic flavors and believable descriptions. They are also dreamy smelling.

Unique E Juices

You won’t find another juice quite like Bearded Lady or Bed of Nails. While other e juice companies blend vapes with butter, pecans, ice cream, or pineapple, none of them create the combinations featured by these two Freakshow Curious Elixirs.

But there are comparisons for Fire Eater such as Fire & Ice by Puresmoker, Beelzebub by Seduce Juice, and Vermillion River’s Cinna-mint. The idea of combining spice with the hot or cooling effect of a mint or menthol is not unusual. Results differ, however, with some being hotter and sharper than others. You will, however, find more cinnamon roll or cinnamon and apple blends among top shelf juices than there are cinnamon-mint e liquids.