Green Smoke

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Green Smoke is among the granddaddies of electronic cigarettes. Around since 2008, they keep up their green image by running a cartridge recycling program (where consumers send in empty cartridges for reward points) and promoting e-cigs the right way.

GS Cig and CaseWhat way is that?

Their colors, images, and the whole setup focuses on healthy, greener living. Green Smoke’s image promotes e-cigs as an alternative which is better for personal and global health, as though profit is secondary (which it isn’t, but that’s a good image to promote).

Green Smoke Review

The most popular electronic cigarette starter kit from GS is the Pro. It costs $99.97, so the Pro is not cheap. It comes with two batteries, ten cartridges, a USB cig, a USB charger, a wall adaptor and car adaptor, and a carry case.

This is actually excellent value for the $100 mark if you want all of that stuff anyway. Pick the pieces apart and price them out: you soon see why buying a starter kit is wiser than building your own.

GS Pro Kit

An Essentials Kit is the cheapest option here for $29.99, but it is not really cheap; not when you see what is inside the package and what other companies provide for less.

GS Essentials Kit

Inside the box there is one battery, a USB charger, and two pre-filled flavor cartridges. You should pay no more than $22, and possibly even less. Some firms are selling similar kits for about $15. Even with free shipping, you are being overcharged.

But there is another option: the Express. $59.97 buys a battery, a USB cig, both wall and USB chargers, a case, and a five-pack of cartridges. This not the best value for similar contents available right now, and you have to ask yourself if you want 5 cartridges and a case or 10 cartridges instead.

GS Express Kit

The price is better than an Essentials Kit though for what you get. A USB cig is great in place of a second battery. A lot of people use an e-cig at the office, at home in front of a computer, or while using other devices that have USB ports.

The Ultimate Starter Kit costs $129.97 and is Green Smoke’s version of a top kit, their most expensive anyway. It comes with two cases (why?), three batteries, two USB chargers, a car adaptor, wall adaptor, ten cartridges, and a USB cigarette.

GS Ultimate Kit

I would rather see GS ditch the second case and either charge less or add another package of cartridges. There is no kit with a portable charging case either, a disappointing factor. A PCC will keep you in e-cigs for a full day even if you are nowhere near a USB port or anywhere you can stick a wall adaptor.

The Love Birds Kit is a final choice: $169.97 for 20 cartridges, 4 batteries, two USB chargers, two USB cigarettes, 2 wall and 2 car adapters, and two cases.

GS Love Birds Kit

That’s a lot of money. A few companies selling a similar set seem to charge less, but the contents here are well chosen.

Green Smoke Cartridges

One aspect of the Green Smoke website consumers are always talking about is their transparency. You know exactly what goes into a flavor cartridge.

GS Cartridges

Ingredients are outlined so there is no mistake, just in case you are allergic to an ingredient or were in any way suspicious. Some companies are making cheap e-liquid with alcohol and diacetyl in them. Green Smoke is not doing that.

They also seal and test cartridges to an extent other firms might consider anal, but which gives consumers confidence. Are they preparing for upcoming legislation that will expect e-cig manufacturers to go to extreme lengths or close down? If so, they saw that coming a long time ago.

More Information

Reviewers are also impressed by the quality of Green Smoke batteries. More often than not, companies exaggerate their claims that a battery will last for “X” number of hours. Green Smoke understates their case. If they promise a certain length of time, take them at their word. A standard version provides 160mAh while the high-powered battery is rated at 270mAh.

They Also Have A Cool Line Of Designer Batteries:

GS Designer Batteries

Also, be assured: great vapor is possible with an e-cig. Green Smoke Vapor is among the thickest for a product of this kind available anywhere. This is partly due to their reliable batteries and also a result of fresh e-liquid.