Gremlin Juice

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Gremlins aren’t all bad, at least not if you are reading about Gremlin Juice from Olympia, Washington. They must be a bit like elves: sometimes mischievous, playing little tricks on cruel or careless souls, but otherwise amusing and even kind if you don’t get them wet: something like that. Maybe Gremlins make shoes too when they are in the mood, but for the time being a Gremlin is identifiable as a good e-juice. Sometimes these products are just “okay,” and occasionally they make the top of a vaper’s list. That’s as much as most vape juice companies could hope for; not being at the bottom.

GremlinJuice.comBetter than “Not Bottom”

But the situation is better than that. This Gremlin Juice review will examine a few flavors made by this company in Thurston County. Their line is pretty easy to figure out: nothing overly complex but with some unique mixtures. Gremlin cannot currently fulfill orders heading out of the United States: not even to Canada. Perhaps the gremlins are hatching a plan to take care of that problem.

The Signature Line

Color coded e-liquid flavors are Blue, Brown, Orange, Purple, and Red Gremlins. Each one corresponds to a flavor that matches the color. Blue represents waffles with blueberries and maple syrup. Red brings you Cinnamon Red Hot Candy.

Enjoy grape bubblegum from Purple. Try an Orange citrus e-juice or Brown chocolate mint. Colors are used to signify other juices by Gremlin Juice later on, but for some reason these items were set aside as special. Perhaps they are bases for other e-liquids that follow.

Other Juices Categorized

The other flavors become part of headings such as Fruits, Kitchen, Drinks, Sweets, Tobacco, and Development Lab. Signature juices are also found under these categories.

Dev Lab is currently made up of 3 gremlins that are not quite ready to leave home, but which consumers are welcome to try at their own risk (it’s not all that risky). They are German Chocolate Cake (with coconut), Orange Sunburst (chewy orange candy), and Red Sunburst (the same, but cherry).

Fruit Vapes include Cinn-full Pear and Mint Cuke. From the kitchen come baked and cooked delights such as Cinnamon Waffles, Banana Bread, and Gingerbread. I love that Gremlin Juice chose cinnamon for their waffles instead of the over-used blueberry.

Friendship Tea blends iced tea, lemonade, orange, cinnamon, and cloves. These flavors are at once refreshing and warm, like good friends. If you have ever made a Kentucky Mint Julep, now you can vape one and know what to expect.

Cherry Strawberry Candy and Papas Peanut Butter are two candy style e-liquids (two are in the Dev Lab). Try Tobacco waffles with vanilla (called Brett’s Breakfast Blend) or CMT (chocolate, mint, and tobacco).

Keep your eye on the Holiday Favorites Section. This one fills up around autumn or any time there is a vape suitable for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Halloween.

Warning Note

The page for juices lists products as little sign boards complete with title, gremlin, and description. It’s a novel way to present products and provides room enough for many details including, sometimes, a tiny sign in one corner with a red line through it. Zoom in and you will see that this sign is a warning: do not use this juice in a plastic tank. Those warnings are helpfully listed up front.

Why would this happen? Some liquids are really acidic, especially the cinnamon red hots and citrus flavors. Cheaper clearomizers and all disposable plastic clearomizers will simply crack, or cloud at the very least, when filled with these juices. It is strongly recommended that these flavors only be dripped into Pyrex or glass tanks.

Buy the Juice

Gremlin Juice can be purchased directly from the Gremlin website where it costs $5.99 for 10mls. Other bottle sizes are 15, 30, 60, and 120ml. This range of sizes is good. The price is okay. There are still some brands that can beat it, but then logical math tells me the price for 15mls is nothing like the cost attributed to boutique liquids like The Standard and Five Pawns.

On their website, the owner of Gremlin Juice has posted a blog under the heading “Gremlin Life.” It is quite readable and sometimes amusing. Visit the company on social media too where you could learn about upcoming sales and vape meets.

Online product listings are almost completely restricted to e-liquid, with exceptions such as disposable pipettes and empty bottles of clear or cobalt blue glass.