Halo Cigs

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Halo Cigs regularly gets top billing or is billed very near the top of reviewers’ lists: why is that? What does Halo have, and what did they always have, that is lacking from other e-cig companies? The answer is made up of many pieces, laid out in this Halo Cigs review.

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The G6 E-Cig

There is just one beginners’ kit at Halo: the G6.

G6 kit

It has the right shape and length to be a cigalike but the color is all wrong — or all right. If you want to pretend to smoke, choose a different model. If you would rather make it clear you are vaping instead, then the G6’s 9 colors are perfect. Most consumers will know enough at least not to assume you are smoking in public.

You can choose a manual battery or an automatic one, but the automatic is often easiest for new vapers. It also reduces the possibility of something going wrong with a battery before the power runs out. Still, users have found the button on a manual G6 to be a tough little thing that does not feel ready to drop out. You are in charge anyway. Manual or automatic, long or short: take your pick.

A charge lasts anything from 2 to 3 hours, which is fine for an e-cig. When you need to recharge it, a USB and wall adaptors are available in your kit. The package costs about $45 and comes with 5 pre-filled cartridges in various flavors. You will notice that Halo likes to make tobacco flavors, and there are not a lot of fruit options.

Instead of pre-filled cartridges that become costly to replace over time, you have the option to order blanks and fill them with Halo liquid if you desire. It’s a fiddly proposition, though. You might want to order Mini Tanks that fit onto the G6 to be sure you have room and do not risk spilling your e-liquid. Halo sells lots of colorful drip tips to help you out.

G6 Mini Tanks

A Triton Tank System

Next is the Triton, also from Halo, and this revs vaping up a notch and more.

Triton Tank Kit

The battery is more powerful and you get two in a sturdy, black-padded case with two clearomizers, a USB charger, wall adapter, and a cone. The cone has a single purpose: disguise. If you use a G6 cartridge with the Triton battery, the cone goes over top to hide the mismatch of sizes. They thread together but do not look right. A cone comes in the color of your Triton kit, or you can order other colors separately. It is not compatible with a Triton tank.

Whereas blank cartridges are tiny and filling them is a frustrating task, Triton tanks are easy to fill from the top. Remove the mouthpiece and go ahead. This method reduces the chance of leakage to protect your battery. Being clear, you can always see how much is left.

The tanks are plastic. Though this is no big deal with Halo juices that are not acidic, some flavors (especially many citrus and fruit-heavy ones) will crack plastic tanks. Either stick with Halo Purity juices or check other flavors carefully. All Halo products are made in the United States.

Triton’s batteries are long-lasting and produce a lot of vapor from great juice. A kit, in one of 11 colors, costs just $64.99.

There is also a 900 mAh variable voltage option:

Triton Variable Voltage

There are enough e-liquids to get you started with G6 pre-filled cartridges, but all flavors are available in bottles if you are filling your own tanks.

Halo Eliquids

They include Tribeca, Belgian Cocoa, Café Mocha, Kringle’s Curse, and Malibu which is tropical. Sub Zero gives you cool menthol. A sample pack lets you test a few smaller bottles instead of committing to one big bottle. The assortment is not huge though it is well-loved and sold by other retailers carrying fine, American-made e-liquids.

Pros and Cons of Halo Cigs

Coming up with anything bad to say about Halo is difficult. They have a certain style which is so different from anything else, rejecting the typical cigarette look to announce that you have given up the stick (if not the nicotine, which is optional) and are onto something better.

A Triton kit, unfortunately, does not come with liquid. It’s still cheap with two batteries and two tanks. The set up is very user-friendly too.

Being able to choose a manual or an automatic option with the G6 is a definite advantage. Automatic batteries provide more immediate vapor without a lot of puffing to get the atomizer going, but they can be hard to get used to.

Accessories are pretty good, including a portable charging case. For vapers who travel, this is a must-have.

Consumers point out that the battery chargers for a G6 and Triton are proprietary. They can only be used with the G6 and Triton respectively and not interchangeably. Do not attempt to charge the battery from a V2 Cigs, Metro, or some other brand on here either. Some of them might work, but the risk is that you will destroy the battery, charger, or both.

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