Juice By Numbers

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The two men behind Juice by Numbers — college students Eric and Andres — are virtually celebrities in their own right. They have been interviewed and pictured on the internet several times to talk about not just their e-liquid, but how and why they got their start in this exciting industry which seems to grow so fast you don’t want to turn away for a second. They came onto the scene at the start of its boom phase and now offer 7 juices.

Just a Number, not a Name

Have you ever been just a number and wished you were known by name? At Juice by Numbers, the opposite is true: the number is meaningful and a name would ruin the theme. Besides, consumers get to know their favorites by the names they are given.

Juice by Numbers Flavors

Number 1 is also perhaps the most unusual flavor on this list. I have seen banana vapes and waffle vapes, but never the two together. Number 2 combines four fruits in varying amounts: strawberry, honeydew, lychee, and watermelon. If you like Piña Colada, you will love Number 3.

No. 4 is a strawberry smoothie minus the calories. There are a lot of peach vapes out there, including peaches n’ cream, and No. 5 is another one. Try No. 6 to get your fill of peppermint and chocolate, or Number 7 when you feel like eating vanilla custard but would rather not consume all that fat and sugar.

Juice by Numbers Review

What is the public saying about these flavors? No. 1 gets excellent reviews from most people. If you don’t like banana, though, be warned: it’s not subtle. Let this vape (and all others) steep to enjoy them at their best. Consider blending it with a good quality fruit vape if the banana is a little too strong.

Ratings for No. 2 are mixed. Some people find it strong; others feel it is light and refreshing. No. 3 is also a refreshing choice.

There is a lack of commentary on many of these juices but their custard, Number 7, is excellent. No. 4 is an excellent strawberry smoothie; delicious and addictive with excellent throat hit and vapor production. Like all of their vapes, the aftertaste is natural and enjoyable. It’s not the chemical style associated with low-quality e-liquids.

Updated bottles give customers dripper caps as opposed to the earlier format with regular caps and no drippers. Now, Eric and Andres are asking customers on Facebook if they think cobalt would be better than clear glass. You can watch that debate unfold online.

The selection of e cigarette juices is not entirely original. Among other peaches n’ cream vapes, you could try Omega by Space Jam, Zeus Juice, or Jackson Vapor. Namber Juice and the Vapor Chef both make a chocolate peppermint e juice. Other versions of vanilla custard are sold by Knight’s Blend, Vaporized, Solution Smoke, General Juice, and Moon Mountain (among others). Each of these provides something unique like a particular vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio or a hint of something the others don’t have. You will just have to try a few and compare them to No. 7.

Pina Colada is another common name in vape juice. You might recognize numerous elements in No. 2 from other products, but no single e juice is quite the same as this fruit blend.

Buying Juice by Numbers

You can buy their juice all over the place. Major e-liquid vendors have them for sampling at their vape lounges and also online. Expect to pay around $12 for 15 ml (anything more than that is ridiculous; don’t pay it). They also carry 30-ml bottles for $20 each. Nicotine levels start at 2.4% and drop to zero. The ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol was not apparent.

Juice by Numbers goes to vape meets and talks to people. They run an excellent Facebook page where they keep clients up-to-date and regularly update information. They are two handsome boys from California who are likely to have collected a group of female fans already, thanks to their good looks, energy, intelligence, and their vapor juice.

Marketing Juice by Numbers

It’s amazing that Eric and Andres can find time to market an e-juice line at all. They are college students, one studying marketing (interestingly enough) and the other working towards a degree in engineering. They even find time for sports according to a recent interview, but how far will they take their business? When they started, there wasn’t a lot to choose from. These two young men chose to take up vapeology as a way to afford e juice when it was too expensive to buy. But with their own line and the hope of good careers after finishing university, they might not need or have time to make their way to Number 8 and beyond. Yet, their fans will continue to anticipate the release of new numbers and exciting flavors.