Karmic Vapor

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The very name tells you a lot, so it will not come as a surprise to find that the Karmic Vapor website contains Eastern symbols and their juices carry titles that sound like yoga positions. Karmic offers online and physical retail from Seneca, South Carolina.

KarmicVapor.comThe Flavors at Karmic Vapor

There are 20 flavors on offer at Karmic Vapor, but in this Karmic Vapor review we will just look at a few. Each one comes in 15ml, 30ml, or 120ml bottles for $9.95 and up. The nicotine ratio is up to 2.4%. There goes the yoga idea: nicotine is far from healthy, but vaping e-juice is still better than smoking cigarettes.

Afterglow features pineapple, watermelon, and strawberry flavors. For blueberries and cream, you want Blue Heaven, and that’s where you will supposedly believe you have gone. Brawndo combines mango, peach, and lime in an unusual but refreshing mix.

Select Jerry Bears and they will taste like gummie bears. Mandala provides yet more fruit and candy: kiwi, pomegranate, and marshmallow. Karmic Vapor’s nicotine juices can be purchased for wholesale distribution.

Reviews by Happy Vapers

Only a few reviews have made it out to the public about Karmic Vapor, but enough to discover that they have so far developed a good reputation for themselves. As noted above, products are available online and at the store, but shipping is free once your order reaches $50 or more.

This sets a good tone: Karmic balances their need to make a profit with the desire to attract internet shoppers who don’t want to pay shipping on every order. Many vapers can reach $50 each month, possibly every week. It’s easier than you think when friends pool their orders.

The Vape Shop

When you visit the shop any time Monday through Sunday, look for other juice labels like Space Jam, Cosmic Fog Vapor (by the makers of Space Jam), and Cyclops Vapor. Just supposing Karmic Vapor does not make a flavor that is to your liking, one of these top brands should provide what your palate wants. They are more expensive than the reasonable $9.95 you pay for house blends. You’ll soon see what a bargain Karmic Vapor is.

Electronic Cigarettes

Buy clearomizers, Innokin products, APVs, and RBAS plus parts, accessories, and mechanical mods. The Innokin iClear 16 is on their shelves. Pick up an SVD, VV V.3, or an MVP 2.0.

Another possibility is to purchase a gift certificate for someone you care about. You often see these listed by e-cig or vapor juice providers, and there is good reason for that: giving someone an e-cig and/or e-juice when they are trying to give up smoking is like giving the gift of life. It changes their outlook on the challenge to get healthier, and many smokers instantly change their ways.

Perhaps that’s the reason for a name like Karmic Vapor. People who believe in karma will embrace this opportunity. But you don’t have to believe in karma to want to do something good for someone else. You just have to know from personal experience how vaping has improved your health and changed your outlook.