By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The Liqua line of e-juices is owned by the Ritchy Group, which also makes rechargeable electronic cigarettes, disposable e-cigs, and cartridge refills for their analog-style devices. Liqua is Italian e-juice which might not come across in every selection from their flavor menu, but their market is certainly cosmopolitan. From their website it is not clear if the juices are made in Italy or follow a style associated with Italian flavors.

Who Buys Liqua?

The Ritchy group is very popular throughout Europe, can be found in many Asian countries, and is sold by a number of online and brick-and-mortar vendors in the United States. You can find them in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Utah. Liqua and Ritchy products are most widely distributed in countries such as France, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Even some African countries such as Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa carry this brand.

A Liqua Review: What’s In It?

Each bottle of Liqua is made from ingredients that are better than USP-grade: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine. Their products are RoHS and SGS compliant, both of which are associated with safety standards. Where products for human consumption are concerned, they couldn’t be much safer (officially, at least). The only thing they could do better would be to make ingredients organic.

Every bottle contains up to 24mg of nicotine and contains either 30mls or 10mls of liquid. There are just 25 flavors: 6 tobacco styles, 10 fruits, and 9 others including drinks and menthol. Their newest flavor is Peach.

Other types of e-liquid include Tiramisu (a very Italian dessert), French Pipe Tobacco, Cuban Cigar Tobacco, Chocolate, Energy Drink, and Berry Mix. These flavors represent a mixture of styles of the global palate.

Preparing for the Storm

As everyone in the electronic cigarette industry knows, regulations are coming. E-liquid ingredients and companies’ manufacturing processes will have to pass strict standards if a business is going to be permitted to continue making products for sale to a general audience. Many firms will either fold or return to their roots whereby individuals just made juice for their friends.

Liqua appears to have prepared in advance for these changes. Their entire home page pays homage to their regulated process of production. It is laid out as a kind of show-and-tell for bodies such as the FDA and their equivalents around the world. They have their own manufacturing facility: a professional one, not a kitchen or a school chemistry lab.

Even the bottles are minutely described. They are made from plastic, but this is carefully chosen food-grade plastic. The bottles are also sealed with childproof caps and properly labeled. Besides satisfying the safety-conscious reader, Liqua’s webpage shows you how to use the skinny filler cap to drip juice into your clearomizer or empty cartomizer.

Explanations, not Sales

Liqua’s e-liquid is affordable, but you wouldn’t expect as much from the site. They tell you their products are affordable, but this professional presentation might make you wonder. Then again, mass-produced juice tends to be cheaper overall.

Ritchy in More Detail

Ritchy makes a brand of rechargeable electronic cigarette of the kind new vapers are familiar with: the slim, analog-style item that fits neatly between two fingers and feels like a cigarette in almost every way.

They also carry disposable electronic cigarettes with a difference. While most brands sell disposables flavored to taste like menthol or tobacco, this brand makes three types of tobacco disposables and a menthol type as well.

You will want to buy Liqua juices and stay away from Ritchy refill cartomizers as soon as you get your hands on blank cartos. Their refills only come in six flavors and packs of two at a time.

Welcoming Your Partnership

Viewers who are also business people are encouraged to contact Ritchy and become a partner. Their website is completely official and corporate. Find out more about how to carry their e-cigs or Liqua nicotine juice at your online vape store, physical outlet, or smoke shop.