Lucid Liquids

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Some businesses start small; really small. You have probably heard that the e cig industry has given rise to many little vape shops and e-liquid companies, and this has to be one of the smallest: Lucid Liquids. A few companies began with two or three juices before growing to become major companies on the basis of excellent production standards.

If you are lucid, you are either clear to others or thinking clearly; awake, alert. Strangely enough, Lucid Liquids contain food colorings so they are not clear, but I hope the company is at least thinking clearly about how they do things. They started late enough to know what is coming: FDA inspections and regulations. Maybe it’s a good thing they are starting small.

Lucid Presentation

Although food coloring is not necessary in vape juice, it sure makes things look pretty and emphasizes both the titles of and flavors inside the bottles. You can probably guess which one is red and which is green. Love Poison is a tropical green tea vape. Love Potion, their first juice, tastes like sour apples and menthol. Love Poison was released in May of 2014 by the way: the whole company is so new their Facebook page is almost useless to anyone searching for information because they really only just got started.

Food Coloring Controversy

I have a problem with food coloring in e-juice and that is the uncertainty around its safety. E-liquid does not need food coloring to make it taste better. The simpler the ingredients are, the better it is for the e-liquid industry and the vaper. A debate has been underway for over a year as to the wisdom of adding food dyes to juice. Many juices are not clear, but that is because of oxidization or natural color in flavors.

Basic Information

Presentation of these liquids is a little different. Bottles are narrow and long, like vials instead of bottles. Each bottle is clear and plain, capped with a basic black cap and no dripper. A 15-ml bottle costs $12 which is the going rate for top-shelf juices. Nicotine values are 0, 6, 12, and 18 mg. The propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin ratio is uncertain.

Lucid Liquids Review

The Facebook page is full of e cig news, especially controversial news releases, but not too much about Lucid Liquids. You will find, however, that a few vaping stores sell these juices and post reviews from customers. For a new firm, there are a surprisingly decent number of them around and they suggest Love Potion and Love Poison are not just good but great flavors.

Liquid Love

Love Potion is a sour apple vape with a hint of menthol; just a hint. It could do with a little more menthol, but not much more. Consumers call this an All Day Vape. Some production issues recently prevented Love Potion from making it to stores, and it was already pretty hard to get hold of. You will find that it is on shelves now, but Lucid Liquids are not made and sold in huge batches. It is even a best-seller at one online store.

Love Toxin

Love Poison does not sound promising, but this is the kind of poison you will gladly take. Love Poison is a tropical flavor featuring green tea, apparently. Most people can’t taste the green tea, finding the fruitiness enjoyable but missing that edge they were looking for. Let it steep for a week or more and you could find the green tea comes through.

More about Lucid Liquids

As you might have guessed, Lucid Liquids comes from a town in California: Riverside, in particular. It is only natural: this is Mecca for artisan e-juices.

Looking Closer

Love Potion puts a twist on the apple juice customers have tried before, combining sour with menthol, so it’s not the apple flavor you are used to. If the green tea in Love Poison comes through after steeping, you will probably find this a refreshing, multi-dimensional juice unlike most you have tried; like fruity iced tea.