Nashville Vapors

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

A proud parent concerned about the well being of his newborn baby started Nashville Vapors after he started vaping and quit smoking. His online and brick-and-mortar shop sells starter kits, eGo batteries, drip tips, mechanical and variable voltage mods, and more.

A review of Nashville Vapors’ online presence showed their Wild West-themed website that is divided into sensible sections. There are chargers, collars, tanks, clearomizers, bridgeless atomizers, and cartomizers. They carry box mods, tube mods, and e juice.

Everything is listed down the left hand side of the page. Big bright pictures appear on the rest of the page. The background — like old paper from wanted posters from the 18th Century — is a bit hokey but much nicer than some of the black backgrounds featured on many websites.

Products by Innokin

A lot of the products listed in the sections for starter kits and eGos come from Innokin. There are a few CLK kits and the iTaste MVP 3.0 plus Innokin’s VV V3.0 battery. The iTaste MVP comes in a few different colors.

Tanks and Clearomizers

Just a few of the items listed by Nashville Vapors are Cirrus, Evod, iClear, and T2 tanks. They have also got Aspire products: this is a line up of the best models from the top manufacturers. Matching coils and cartos can be found at Nashville Vapors as well.

Drip Tips

Nashville Vapors has a penchant for high-end drip tips. They carry several 2 Puff items like their Ice and La Paz tips for $23 each. The Aria Stainless Drip Tip sells for $27.99 but an Assault from Beyond Vape seems cheap at $9.99 (it’s not – $3 drip tips are very common). Cherry Vape tips cost $10 in assorted styles and hues.

Modifiable E Cigs (Mods)

You can start your search for high-powered e cigs with mechanical mods like the Carapace ($150), Doomsday ($130), and Husky 10010 for $125. Electronic mods include both regular and Mini Hana Modz for $215. The Zmax Mini costs $59.99. Pioneer4You’s iPV V2 sells for $120. Nashville Vapors is careful to stock genuine items, the kinds that are serialized and cost a lot of money.

Rebuildable Atomizers

This goes for their rebuildable dripping atomizers too. There is a good list of items but Nashville Vapors does not offer an overwhelming selection: just enough. The Zenith, Gauntlet, and Wolf Call cost between $90 and $120 each. A Surric Vapes Galaxy goes for $85. All of them are gorgeous and you can find out lots about them online.

E Juice Roll Call

Nashville Vapors carries Precious Pony, Sancia Smoke, Professor Marvel’s, Oakwood Vapor, and others. Take a look at Precious Pony’s eight flavors costing $7.50 (10 ml) and up. Suzie’s Sweet and Creamy is a luscious-sounding orange raspberry champagne, for instance. Consumers know what to expect from the likes of Space Jam or Standard e liquids.

NashvilleVapors.comOverall Thoughts on Nashville Vapors

Sometimes I am impressed by pricing at Nashville Vapors. The Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 (regular version) costs just $54.99 and they sell the latest edition. A 1000-mAh eGo USB pass-through battery costs $27.99, which is reasonable. I like their prices in many instances.

But the Hana Modz and iPV 2 are a little overpriced. You should be able to save about $15 on either one by shopping around.

Of course, $15 for items at this end of the price scale is not that big a gap: you can expect to be charged $250 for a Hana Modz by some companies, but the iPV 2 is P4Y’s older version (the iPV 3 can be set to a higher wattage) so I would not be willing to pay more than $90 for Version 2.

Generally, selection is very good here and pricing is competitive overall.