By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

One of the newest leaders in UK e cigs is Nicocig, a brand that is getting a lot of press among health officials. Among the most numerous types of retailers are chemists’ shops where these electronic devices are sold to smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes. E cigs cannot be officially prescribed as smoking-cessation tools, but the reality is that many consumers find them effective where pharmaceutical products have failed to cure them of their craving.

What is that Craving?

In reality, customers are not just craving the smell and taste of a cigarette. In fact, that’s probably the major downside, the part that makes cigarette smokers wonder why they smoke at all. They smell terrible much of the time because cigarette smoke gets into their mouths, onto their clothes, into their skin, and taints the smell of their hair. They walk around in a personal cloud of olfactory unpleasantness. A chronic cough keeps them short of breath when their friends are leaping up stairs. Unfortunately, it’s the nicotine that enslaves them.

Actually, nicotine and the action of smoking together continue to lure them in. A craving for nicotine is the same as a drug addiction and just as dangerous. A reassuring habit can be almost as hard to overcome. Electronic cigarettes can, but do not always, end these addictions and they certainly do not end the need to put something into one’s mouth and puff repeatedly throughout the day. They get rid of tar and most deadly chemicals associated with smoking though. Options

With a Nicocig electronic cigarette, there are nicotine options at least. You do not have to keep dosing yourself up with nicotine. Their products contain 16 mg, 11 mg, 6 mg, or zero milligrams of nicotine per volume. It is conceivable that consumers can slowly reduce their consumption of nicotine until they no longer need it. Nicocig can help.

Who Makes Nicocig?

Information on this point was not easy to find. Their website ( appears half-finished with a lot of dud headings, including their “about us” page. Another website told me that they are based in Birmingham. You can buy their products online or purchase them from pharmacies in Preston, Blackburn, Glasgow, Morecambe, and others. The list is not huge and focuses on northern England. Nicocig also has a branch in Ireland.

Nicocig Review

The product list is very short: too short, actually. There are too few items and too little information about each one. Start with the list: two rechargeable sets, replacement cartridges in 2 flavors, a wall adapter, and new batteries.

The lack of flavors is no problem: Nicocig clearly targets smokers, not teenagers and non-smokers. The ethics of this strategy are to be applauded. Consumers, however, want more information about battery size and how long it should last, ingredients in e-liquid, and their manufacturing set up.

Two Starter Kits

Their first kit is a basic rechargeable starter featuring two cartridges, one battery, and a USB charger for £19.99. Choose your nicotine level, but there is no choice of flavor. In fact, the website does not tell you that this is tobacco e-liquid. One can only assume it is since smokers will be looking for a tobacco replacement. Menthol does not appear to be an option at this point.

The second kit, a Deluxe, contains two batteries, four cartridges (one cartridge in each of 4 strengths), a USB charger, mains power adapter, and a carry case for £39.95. That’s it, and fairly decent for UK prices which tend to be a little high in this market.

Their cartomizers (atomized cartridges) come in boxes of 3 for £4.95 each or enjoy volume discounts. Their two flavors are menthol and regular, with the strange choice that menthol should be packaged in blue and regular is packaged in green. Batteries and mains adapter replacements both cost £7.99.

For Affiliates

This is another page with very little direction. Apparently, there is more information on the FAQ page, but where is the FAQ page? Even the link to information about e cigs leads to a dead end for now. A measly 5% is your commission on sales of Nicocig (US companies offer a minimum of 15%), but in the UK market that might be plenty. There are millions of people and far fewer brands than one finds in the United States, not to mention higher prices.

Several Contact Options

Although they do not supply their address, Nicocig offers several contact options such as multiple email addresses. If you choose to buy a new battery separately from a kit or do not want to visit the chemist for a new starter kit, you have to call the company to place your order. Order everything else over the internet.

Recycling with Nicocig

Consumers should appreciate efforts made by companies to make recycling easier, such as sending out pre-stamped envelopes so their customers can return used batteries. That’s what Nicocig does, just in case you cannot find an e-waste recycling depot near you. The website indicates that e-waste is a growing problem in the UK. This company doesn’t want their customers to add to the problem. Their info is sparse, but Nicocig looks to be interested in environmental responsibility at least.


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