By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Every month, consumers around the US wait with anticipation for the delivery of a certain special box. They know a little about its contents: that there are at least two bottles of e juice nestled in their molded padding. Which flavors or brands these will be is a mystery, which adds to their excitement.

But NicPik customers know the choice will be limited a little by the questionnaires they filled out. Chances of opening their box to reveal 5 duds are slim. Here is a NicPik review describing how the system works.

NicPik.comOne Package, Many Choices

NicPik, which is based in Ft Myers, Florida, offers just one 5-bottle box for $24.99. That is an affordable gift or personal treat. Each bottle contains 10 to 20 ml.

Customers send specific instructions about the juices they do and do not like so they do not open their mail to reveal nasty surprises. There is the option to let NicPik choose bottles at random, which is fine for the easy-going vaper who likes everything.


When you first place an order, it will be shipped on the next business day. Order a subscription on Friday and it will go out Monday. Subsequent shipments, however, will be released on the first week of the month with all the others. You can sign up for multiple months and automatic payment or buy just a single month without commitment. Earn points to spend at the NicPik shop and by referring friends to their service.

Variety of Styles

That single package is actually divided into 4 categories: Variety (without menthol or tobacco), Fruit, Dessert, or Ultra (featuring all flavor types). Select one of these but also tell NicPik about flavors you usually prefer or avoid. Next, select a nicotine value from 0 to 18mg. Think carefully and be specific about what you expect from your shipment of e juice.

Shop for Individual Bottles

E liquid brands at NicPik are names like Cosmic Fog, Cyber Liquids, Composed Chaos, and DB Liquids. They carry Smooth Liquid, Electro Lights, Gen X Vapor, NicQuid, Moon Mountain, and Seattle Vapor Co. There are others too; enough to ensure every box differs from the last but not as many as a few companies working with 50+ labels. All of the e liquids they carry are made in the USA.

Hardware for Your Juice

Customers can also order mods, batteries, chargers, and tanks. The list is small with an Innokin MVP, Efest 1100-mAh batteries, Trustfire chargers, and an Aspire Nautilus tank (but three types of coils). Each item falls under its own heading when they could easily be grouped. This tells me they plan to add more gear.

Too Limited or Just Right?

For every customer who says this company should expand to offer smaller or larger boxes or multiple-month subscriptions, there are bound to be fans of this simple approach. You can’t satisfy everyone. NicPik has been charting their course successfully since March 2014.