Nikki’s Vapor Bar

By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

Who is Nikki? What does she have to do with vaping? Nikki’s runs an online bar strictly for selling vape juice, it turns out; not a bar for booze. This is the kind of bar American needs more of: one where they sell only American- and Canadian-made e liquids and huge variety.

Nikki could do a better job of giving in-depth descriptions of these juice companies and where their ingredients come from. Are they locally sourced? Aside from their organic juice line, are the others USP (or the Canadian equivalent) or kosher? At least they have a lot of juices to offer and reviews on the page are there to guide customers too.

Juice Lines

Here are the e juice menus at Nikki’s Vapor Bar: Naturals, Exotics, Kahuna, Amsterdam, Citrus Splash, and Juicy E Juices. Naturals are 100% organic. Exotics are just that: a little bit tropical. “Sophisticated” is a good word to describe Amsterdam choices. A ten milliliter bottle is priced $8.49, but $16.99 buys 30 ml so that’s your best deal. Choose 0, 8, 12, 18, or 24 mg of nicotine.

Nikki’sVaporBar.comNikki’s Vapor Bar Review: Great Selection

Juicy E Juices include Cuban Cigar, Banana Cream Pie, and Canadian Maple Magic. In their Exotic selection you will find Acai, Banana, and other fruits including a Flambe. Select Blueberry, Cherry Pie, Chocolate Mint, or French Vanilla Cappuccino from the Amsterdam selection: all metropolitan café treats. Among Citrus Splash juices select Guava Goodness.

The Kahuna menu contains Cinnamon Red Hots, Grandma’s Apple Pie, Lemon Drop, and Smooth Canadian Tobacco. Kahuna liquids are all vegetable glycerin juices: the Big Kahuna makes big clouds of vapor.

I really respect the amount of choice and the variety of flavor categories listed here because I am often confronted with too little. Desserts, fruits, candies, and tobaccos are all open to me. I don’t like the price for 10 ml of juice, but the 30-ml deal is excellent. I can vape tobacco which is often not the case with premium juices.

Hardware at Nikki’s Vapor Bar

The eStick is Nikki’s vapor pen featuring a 650-mAh or 1000-mAh battery. Their starter kit with two large batteries, a DCC, 5 atomizers, a USB charger, and a carry case costs $99.99. Folks, you should not be paying almost $100 for a basic starter kit of this kind.

Single batteries are overpriced too: just look around. You can buy a Kanger or Vision battery of this size for $30 or less. A reasonably priced Ego starter kit from many American retailers with 2 batteries and 2 clearomizers will cost around $60.

The good news is that you don’t come to Nikki for hardware. There are other places to shop for batteries and clearomizers. Just remember that when you are selecting e juice and don’t let yourself be convinced otherwise. Those cheaper batteries aren’t poor quality cells: Kanger and Vision are great brands. Stick with the liquid at Nikki’s Vapor Bar.

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