By Alexandra D’Ambrosio

The Ono E Cig website is a lonely place to visit. With such few products, the ones listed there already appear so isolated; so alone. I felt a bit depressed, as though the makers of Ono should have waited until they had more products to offer instead of throwing the few they make into the limelight before they were ready.

onoecigs.comA Small Catalogue

This Ono E Cig review is, by necessity, short. Very little is being said about the company so far. It is relatively new (2012) and small. On their website you see two types of starter kits: one in a charging case which is not portable and the other in a carry case. A third option allows you to combine the first starter kit with a refill pack.

The Rechargeable Starter Kit

A PCC is something you charge at home and carry around wirelessly. The Ono e cig charging kit plugs into the wall. Customers can store refills inside while they charge the battery. For $14.99, they receive one battery, a charger, and two refills so it is excellent value.

Carry Case Starter Kit

This one comes with the same set up, but in a carry case instead. It’s black and gold, very pretty, for the same price: $14.99. I can’t argue with costs so far.

Combo Kit

For $24.99, you receive a rechargeable starter kit with a refill package in tobacco or menthol. The price is pretty good because by doing this you get refills for a great price: $10. Otherwise, the price for 5 refill cartridges is $14.99. Now I’m questioning the pricing strategy because $15 is the high end of normal. Green Smoke just came down from $17 to $12.99. V2 Cigs cartos cost $10.33 for five.

Ono disposableDisposable Products

E cigars cost $19.99 and regular e cigs are $9.99. These are typical prices for disposable e cigs and e cigars and standard flavors apply. Ono mimics NJoy and Cigavette in bringing another tobacco-only option to vapers instead of all the myriad of flavors which are marketed elsewhere.


There are more than 1,000 likes on the Ono Facebook page so they are making a good start. Affiliates are invited to sign up and use social media to earn some cash. Overall, though, I think affiliates would want some more information, and it’s not forthcoming.

Ono comes from Fresh Meadows, New York, but their website shares very little about the brand. What battery rating do they offer? What is the advantage they see in selling a wall-bound charging pack? What are their e liquids made of? Ono E Cigs look good, they really do. Their website is professional (if sparse). I sense good things could happen with stronger marketing.